Annal: 2002 Shamus Award for Best Paperback Original P.I. Novel

Results of the Shamus Award in the year 2002.

Book:Archangel Protocol

Archangel Protocol

Lyda Morehouse

First the LINK—an interactive, implanted computer—transformed society. Then came the angels—cybernetic manifestations that claimed to be working God’s will. But former cop Deidre McMannus has had her LINK implant removed—for a crime she didn’t commit. And she’s never believed in the angels. But all that will change when a man named Michael appears at her door.

Book:Ancient Enemy

Ancient Enemy: A Howard Moon Deer Mystery

Robert Westbrook

In San Geronimo, New Mexico, Private Eye Howard Moon Deer and blind ex-police chief Jack Wilder investigate a bizarre, cannibalistic murder with ties to the ancient secrets of the Anasazi…

Book:Keepers: A Port Silva Mystery

Keepers: A Port Silva Mystery

Janet LaPierre

Meet two new, fascinating Port Silva characters, Patience and Verity Mackellar, a mother-daughter private investigative team. Patience, a policeman’s widow, has kept her late husband’s PI agency. Verity, seeking refuge from a troubled marriage, joins her mother to do the legwork. Finding lost pets and exposing unethical doctors leads to more difficult and dangerous work. A lost child forces the duo undercover into a reclusive religious community. Amid the spectacular beauty of the Northern California’s dramatic Mendocino Coast—the Lost Coast—two sets of mothers and daughters find their lives in jeopardy.

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