Annal: 2002 Young Reader’s Choice Award Senior Division

Results of the Young Reader’s Choice Award in the year 2002.



William Sleator

When Peter is hit by a car, he is given the ultimate do-over: go back to any point in time before that fateful moment, and alter the events leading up to his death. If he fails, he will die again-this time, for good. Now Peter’s racing against time to save his own life, but what should he change? His adoptive parents don’t understand him, the school jock is out to get him, and no one appreciates his own talents. This may be his last chance-can Peter cheat death, or will he be lost forever?

Book:Biting the Moon

Biting the Moon

Martha Grimes

She does not know who she is, where she’s from, how she got here. She wakes one morning in a bed-and-breakfast alone. She is told by the owner she came in “dead asleep” with her father. But she knows the man is not her father. She takes her backpack, bedroll, and the wad of money she finds in his jacket and heads for the mountains, seeing in their bleak and towering landscape some kind of safety.

Months later, she walks down from the mountains and into the life of fourteen-year-old Mary Dark Hope. Bound by their lack of family, their murky pasts, their affinity for animals, they set out to find the man who abducted her. Whitewater rafting, canned hunts, molestation, and murder—all move toward an inevitable and harrowing confrontation.

Book:The Raging Quiet

The Raging Quiet

Sherryl Jordan

Widowed just two days after her marriage to a man twice her age, Marnie finds herself an outsider in the remote seaside village of Torcurra. Spurned by the townsfolk who suspect her involvement in her husband’s death, she has only two friends: the local priest and the madman known as Raver, who is even more of an outcast than Marnie.

Marnie makes a remarkable discovery about Raver, whom she renames Raven, and the two forge a deep bond that begins to heal her own bruised heart. But the suspicious villagers see Raven’s transformation as evidence of witchcraft, and suddenly Marnie finds herself facing an ordeal that threatens not only her future with Raven, but her very life.

Book:Ties that Bind, Ties that Break

Ties that Bind, Ties that Break: A Novel

Lensey Namioka

Third Sister in the Tao family, Ailin has watched her two older sisters go through the painful process of having their feet bound. In China in 1911, all the women of good families follow this ancient tradition. But Ailin loves to run away from her governess and play games with her male cousins. Knowing she will never run again once her feet are bound, Ailin rebels and refuses to follow this torturous tradition.

As a result, however, the family of her intended husband breaks their marriage agreement. And as she enters adolescence, Ailin finds that her family is no longer willing to support her. Chinese society leaves few options for a single woman of good family, but with a bold conviction and an indomitable spirit, Ailin is determined to forge her own destiny. Her story is a tribute to all those women whose courage created new options for the generations who came after them.

Book:Tribute to Another Dead Rock Star

Tribute to Another Dead Rock Star

Randy Powell

Grady is skateboarding toward a major decision.

No longer able to live with his grandmother, fifteen-year-old Grady Grennan has to find a new address. one option is to move in with his mentally disabled half brother, Louie, in Seattle. But that poses a problem: Louie’s adoptive mother, Vickie, and Grady are about as compatible as Mozart and heavy metal.

Nevertheless, Grady’s testing the waters. He’s in Seattle for a concert tribute to his and Louie’s mother, a grunge rock icon who died three years ago. Grady has been invited to speak at the tribute, but what is he supposed to say to thousands of adoring fans about a mother who abandoned her sons in favor of a musical career?

Both humorous and deeply moving, Tribute to Another Dead Rock Star poses challenging, provocative questions to all sorts of readers—cynics, liberals, slackers, and rock stars included.

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