Annal: 2003 Agatha Award for Best Children’s/Young Adult

Results of the Agatha Award in the year 2003.

Book:The Seventh Knot

The Seventh Knot

Kathleen Karr

The adventure of two resourceful teens, their curmudgeon uncle, his mysterious butler, and Albrecht Durer It’s summer vacation, 1896.

Wick and his brother Miles are banished to Europe for the Grand Tour with rich and cantankerous Uncle Eustace, who is on a mission to purchase art for his mansion. When the millionaire’s mysterious valet, Jose Gregorio, vanishes, Wick and Miles set off on a high-flying chase across Italy and Germany. The brothers are in search of the missing valet and six curious woodcuts by Albrecht Durer, an art superstar of the Renaissance, which may hold clues to the servant’s disappearance. Unwittingly they become entangled in an international ring of conspirators whose love of Durer has been twisted to achieve evil goals. With quick wits and a little luck, Miles and Wick manage to survive medieval dungeons, proto-zeppelins, and intrigue to save the world from a dark force masquerading as a benign secret society.

Book:Danger: Dynamite!

Danger: Dynamite!

Anne Capeci, Paul Casale

A new mystery based on a page from American history, featuring a trio of mischievous and determined young crime solvers.

Everyone knows that workers are using dynamite to blast an eight-mile train tunnel through the Cascade Mountains. But everyone also knows that explosives aren’t allowed inside the isolated camp town of Scenic where the workers and their families live. So why did somebody hide a case of dynamite right near the schoolhouse? And why has it disappeared again? That’s what ten-year old Billy and his best friend Finn want to know. Then a sudden explosion rocks the camp, and the boys begin to investigate in earnest. Why is the new man in town, Mr. Renwick, going up to Lookout Rock after dark? And why is his nosy, smart-mouthed daughter, Dannie, watching their every move? The boys’ search leads them back to a thirty-year-old gold robbery—and face to face with a dangerous outlaw who will stop at nothing to retrieve his treasure.

Book:Gangsters at the Grand Atlantic

Gangsters at the Grand Atlantic

Sarah Masters Buckey

It’s 1925, and 12-year-old Emily Scott can’t believe her luck when she and her older sister Dorothy are invited to vacation at a fancy hotel on the Jersey Shore. But Emily’s excitement turns to fear when she spots a hotel guest she recognizes from the city-a dangerous gangster! Dorothy’s busy impressing her wealthy friend, so it’s up to Emily to figure out what the sinister man is doing at the Grand Atlantic-and whether he means big trouble for the people Emily loves most!

Book:Ghost Light on Graveyard Shoal

Ghost Light on Graveyard Shoal

Elizabeth McDavid Jones

Book:The Secret of the Equestrian Park

The Secret of the Equestrian Park

Gay Toltl Kinman

The Secret of the Equestrian Park Alison Leigh Powers, 11, Super Sleuth, and friend, Melissa Chan, investigate who is causing the “accidents” at Dawson’s Stables!

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