Annal: 2003 Anthony Award for Best Critical Work

Results of the Anthony Award in the year 2003.

Book:They Died in Vain

They Died in Vain: Overlooked, Underappreciated and Forgotten Mystery Novels

Jim Huang

If characters die in a mystery novel, and no one reads their story, have they died in vain? Mystery experts—booksellers, reviewers, genre devotees—introduce you to personal favorites: obscure classics, up-and-coming new writers, great books that unaccountably disappeared and lesser-known titles by bestselling authors. A companion volume to our Agatha and Anthony Award-winning 100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century, this book takes you before the bestsellers, beyond the familiar, with essays recommending over 100 mystery novels—buried treasures that will become new favorites.

Book:Intent to Sell

Intent to Sell: Marketing the Genre Novel

Jeffrey Marks

The first book to specifically address the marketing of genre fiction, Intent to Sell, is written by Jeffrey Marks, the award-winning author of mystery novels and short story collections. Marks takes a novice writer from the early stages of publicity at the time that the contracts are signed and leads the author through the maze of booksignings, interviews, awards and how to promote an entire series. Peppered with quotes from Todays top mystery writers, Marks uses his background in marketing to develop a PR campaign that is no mystery.

Book:The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Modern Crime Fiction

The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Modern Crime Fiction

Mike Ashley

Never before has there been a comprehensive, inexpensive reference guide and overview to the genre of crime fiction like The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Crime Fiction. Veteran editor Mike Ashley’s historical introduction gives an overview of the crime genre, showing the background and development of crime fiction from the earliest days with Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler through to the modern exponents of the craft such as Elmore Leonard and Ian Rankin. His A to Z covers five hundred entries on the major writers in the crime fiction field, from Edward S. Aarons to Mark Zubro, from the cult favorites to the best known, including Marjorie Allingham, Patricia Cornwell, Colin Dexter, Jim Thompson, and Minette Walters. The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Crime Fiction packs more information into its author entries than more expensive hardcover reference works. Each entry gives a brief biographical background with highlights for the cross-referenced key works, provides a full bibliography, and notes significant…[more]

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