Annal: 2003 Anthony Award for Best Paperback Original

Results of the Anthony Award in the year 2003.

Book:Fatal Truth

Fatal Truth

Robin Burcell

A homicide inspector with the San Francisco Police Department, Kate Gillespie worked hard to get where she is. But a frantic phone call from a snitch threatens to destroy everything she is and everything she’s earned. Pulled from the bright lights of the Homicide office onto the shadowy night streets, she arrives at a clandestine meet just in time to see the frightened informer shot dead…by another cop. Now Kate is a target, on a trail of dirty deals, corruption, and escalating violence that reaches back into her own troubled family history and deep into a department riddled with dark secrets and truths that kill. Suddenly Kate Gillespie is teetering on a “blue wall of silence” and being set up to take a long, fatal fall—by a relentless killer who’s hiding in plain sight.

Book:Black Jack Point

Black Jack Point

Jeff Abbott

The “master of white-knuckled suspense” (Harlan Coben) is back…and so is Texas judge Whit Mosely-in an all-new, all-exciting tale of a legendary treasure, modern-day piracy, and a life-or-death game that turns Whit’s friend, Port Leo police detective Claudia Salazar, into a high-seas hostage.

Book:A Killing Sky

A Killing Sky: A Frank Palvicek Mystery

Andy Straka

Years ago, homicide detective Frank Pavlicek left the NYPD under less than ideal circumstances. Now the divorced father of a teenage daughter, he works as a private investigator in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he indulges his passion for falconry and savors the thrill of the hunt. When her twin sister, Cartwright, disappears, Cassidy Drummond can’t help wondering if her father, a congressman known as much for his philandering as for his politics, has something to do with it. Desperate and deeply frightened, she turns to Frank Pavlicek for help. But, despite a long list of possible culprits—and the fact that Cartwright’s car has been found with blood on the seats—Frank isn’t convinced it’s foul play. Soon the falconer is following a treacherous trail of family secrets and sinister scandals to the most dangerous discovery of all: the truth.

Book:Paint It Black

Paint It Black

P.J. Parrish

Detective Louis Kincaid lands in the coastal community of Sereno Bay, Florida, which has been shaken by a grisly ritualistic murder. Though an arrest is quickly made, Kincaid feels unsettled. His uncertainty is confirmed when a second body is discovered, then a third—each branded with the bizarre trademarks of a serial killer. Now, Kincaid will do whatever it takes to stop the slaughter.

Book:Six Strokes Under

Six Strokes Under: A Golf Lover's Mystery

Roberta Isleib

Cassandra Burdette used to carry clubs on the PGA tour-now she’s swinging them at the Qualifying School for the LPGA Tour. The competition is fierce, but the standout so far is Kaitlin Rupert, whose talent and beauty are eclipsed only by her attitude. Though Kaitlin has a deeply troubled past and a very messy, very public family scandal, any sympathy from other players has been used up by her hostile personality.

But it’s still a shock when Kaitlin’s psychiatrist is found brutally murdered-and even more of a shock when the police look at Cassie as a prime suspect. Now, Cassie must avoid all the hazards as she tries to uncover who delivered the fatal stroke-if the killer doesn’t tee her up first.

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