Annal: 2003 Aventis Prize for Junior Science Book

Results of the Aventis Prize in the year 2003.

Book:DK Guide to the Oceans

DK Guide to the Oceans: A Thrilling Journey into a Watery World

Frances Dipper

Dramatic digital-terrain mapping and superb photography bring life and color to the exploration of the oceans in this latest book in the award-winning DK Guides series. What goes on in the depths of our watery planet is big news these days. Remarkable and unique views of our oceans show children a fantastic array of marine life, explain how the seas control weather, tell of threats to the environment, dissect shipwrecks, and much more. Junior marine biologists and lay readers alike will have a field day with this comprehensive and stunning look at the wonderful world of water.

Book:Dinosaur: Fast Forward Series

Dinosaur: Fast Forward Series

Nicholas Harris

The site is China, millions of years ago, where dinosaur hatchlings emerge from their eggs, then, in successive illustrations, grow to gigantic size. Death comes years later when they are caught in a flood. Final illustrations show their bones being discovered in our own era and being mounted for display in a museum.

Original pictorial treatments of places and events in history make these books as entertaining as they are informative for young readers. Each title covers a single theme with a series of time-sequence illustrations that show how one location has changed over the course of history. Each illustration covers a large two-page spread. Tabs on page edges provide identifying historical dates for each picture, and have labels to explain details in the illustration. A Glossary at the back of each book defines relevant terms.

Book:Get in Gear

Get in Gear: Hands-on Science series

Sholly Fisch, Mark Oliver

Get in Gear, the first book in the groundbreaking Hands-On Science™ series, takes the concept of transferring motion through the use of gears and presents it in a kid-friendly way! Guided by Doc Sprocket, a robot who lives in a junkyard, kids can build wacky gear contraptions directly on the pages, using real gears that are stored in a special tray at the back of the book. Once the gears and parts are in place, switch on the built-in motor and watch the gears move. On the last page, kids can use their imagination and build endless contraptions of their own!

Book:The Terrible Truth About Time

The Terrible Truth About Time: Horrible Science series

Nick Arnold, Tony De Saulles

If you think you can stomach the sick side of science, then read on as we clock up some terrible time secrets. Find out who was killed for changing the calendar, make your own crazy clock, meet the tortured time geniuses and check out your chances of a time-travel trip.

Book:The Way Science Works

The Way Science Works

Robin Kerrod, Sharon Ann Holgate

The perfect introduction to how science explains the world around us!

Eye-opening experiments and exceptional photography bring science to life. Discover science in action from the principles that explain everyday occurrences to the theories behind the technology in today’s fast-moving world. Test the theories in more than 100 hands-on projects. Next-generation visuals and cutting-edge content help illuminate key scientific developments. Packed full of facts about famous scientists, technology newsflashes, and more. An exciting way to keep ahead of the curriculum and discover science for yourself.

Book:Why Can't I…? series

Why Can't I…? series

Sally Hewitt

This lively series that explains the basic principles of science in a new and thought-provoking way. The Why Can’t I…? series looks at the questions that children want to ask, and answers them using clear and simple explanations and fun eye-catching photographs.

Each book contains a table of contents, index and glossary.

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