Annal: 2003 Bram Stoker Award for Fiction Collection

Results of the Bram Stoker Award in the year 2003.

Book:Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom

Jack Ketchum

This landmark collection gathers more than thirty of Jack Ketchum’s most thrilling stories. “Gone” and “The Box” were honored with the prestigious Bram Stoker Award. Whether you are already familiar with Ketchum’s unique brand of suspense or are experiencing it for the first time, here is a book no aficionado of fear can do without.



Elizabeth Hand

From Elizabeth Hand, one of America’s leading literary fantasists, comes a collection of extraordinary novellas of damnation and dark revelation, epiphany and redemption. Written in the author’s characteristic poetic prose, and rich with the detail of lives traumatic yet luminously transformed, these stories form a remarkable tapestry interweaving the supernatural and the mundane.

“Cleopatra Brimstone”—a young woman’s obsession with winged insects achieves a dangerous climax in the streets and nightclubs of London’s Camden Town.

“Pavane for a Prince of the Air”—a reflection on death and attendant neo-pagan rituals commits a much-loved soul to something other than eternal rest. …[more]

Book:Fangs and Angel Wings

Fangs and Angel Wings

Karen E. Taylor, William Sanders, Mike Resnick

A vampire named Bitsy. A grieving father’s rage. An intergalactic cosmetic saleswoman. Loving wives, thwarted mistresses. Demons, ghosts, gods and angels. Red silk scarves and the lash of leather. What do these diverse elements have in common? They have all been spawned in the imagination of Karen E. Taylor, a Bram Stoker nominated author. In Fangs and Angel Wings, the writer of the popular Vampire Legacy series will take you on a tour of distant planets, drafty castles, haunted houses, and the most frightening place of all: the dark recesses of the human heart.

Book:Graveyard People

Graveyard People: The Collected Cedar Hill Stories

Gary A. Braunbeck

Welcome to Cedar Hill, Ohio, a deceptively commonplace bordertown between the familiar everyday and the phantasms, fancies, hauntings, and enchantments that wait in dimly-lit places for a chance to pass through the scrim of perception & make this place their home, as well. Those who live here don’t really have any choice and neither will you. Cedar Hill: “Main Street” tinged with the macabre, located just this side of night. This is the first of approximately 3-5 volumes to be published by Earthling collecting the author’s stories set in his fictional town of Cedar Hill. Each collection will feature original stories as well as reprints that have been reworked for this collection, plus historical elements such as family trees and a town map. Deena Holland provides cover art and over two dozen interior illustrations. For those buyers who desire a complete set of matching numbers/letters, we will record the name of each buyer, who will be given first dibs at future volumes.

Book:Told by the Dead

Told by the Dead

Ramsey Campbell

Told by the Dead is Ramsey Campbell’s first short story collection for five years.

Spectral terrors abound, and monsters who might live next door or in our own heads. We learn why we should never play cards with strangers, and the perils of attending press shows of films. We glimpse a book that may render all others redundant, and encounter another that is too full of ghosts. A roadside mirror contains more than a reflection, and a bedroom mirror shows what may be in store for us all. Telephone advertising gives rise to a nightmare, and so does a Mediterranean holiday. A nostalgic train journey ends in dread, but leaving a train leads there too. Two street musicians may make the reader anxious to placate such entertainers with at least a coin. The author’s wife exerts a calming influence in a collaboration, but his delirium is irrepressible, and readers with recherché preferences will be rewarded by a troupe of rampant midgets. …[more]

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