Annal: 2003 Bram Stoker Award for Poetry Collection

Results of the Bram Stoker Award in the year 2003.



Bruce Boston

Pitchblend by Bruce Boston collects thirty-two new and previously published poems. Selected and with an Introduction by Michael Arnzen. Illustrated by Marge Simon.

Poems included are “Flesh Bone Blood,” “The Lesions of Genetic Sin,” “Like an Addict Glowing,” “Alien Quarry,” “Pavane for a Cyber-Princess,” “The Canticles of Rage,” “In Far Pale Clarity,” “Ghost Blood,” “The Prince Comes in Velvet,” “She Was There for Him the Last Time,” and twenty-two other poems.

“…Pitchblende is radioactive. It’s a mineralized form of uranium oxide-black and hard and dangerous. It looks something like crystallized coal cracked right out of the gates of hell; it’s darker than tar and stronger than time and its lethal nature is sneaky and invisible and inescapable once you’ve touched it. Killer rock.

A fitting metaphor for the rock solid poetry of Bruce Boston. It’s scary, powerful stuff. And it’s got a half-life that will outlive you. This poetry stands the test of time…” From the introduction by Michael Arnzen

Book:Artist of Antithesis

Artist of Antithesis

Marge Simon

Book:Cardinal Sins

Cardinal Sins

Charlee Jacob

Book:Final Girl

Final Girl

Daphne Gottlieb

Final Girl — the last girl left alive in the syntax of the “slasher”— traces the history of the femme fatale in a sequence of poems and stories that display the verve and wit readers have come to expect from Gottlieb. In Final Girl Gottlieb is the survivor, the one who remains to tell the story: what was done to others, what was done to her, what might yet be done to her.

Sexy and tart, dark and comic, low-down and high-hearted poems such as Suture, Slash, Vamp, Bride of Reanimator and The Babysitter Gottlieb identifies and articulates the desires, fears, traumas, both personal and social, out of which pop culture is made…and then she feeds pop culture back to itself.

Though the slasher flick is central, Gottlieb finds resonances in sources as disparate as the early American captivity…[more]

Book:Gorelets: Unpleasant Poems

Gorelets: Unpleasant Poems

Michael A. Arnzen

Gorelets is a collection of “sudden horror poetry”: 52 ultra short shockers guaranteed to make you squirm!

Originally written on (and for) handheld computers as part of a successful online experiment at Arnzen’s, each of these little “caplets of gore” pack a powerful punch. With titles like “Zombeanie Babies,” “Teasing the Cyborg,” “Brain Chunks,” and “The Embolism of Evil” you know you’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

Released in print on Halloween 2003, this exclusive electronic edition from Double Dragon Publishing includes 21 BONUS POEMS unavailable elsewhere, bringing the grand total of the collection up to 73 poems!

Book:Professor LaGungo's Exotic Artifacts & Assorted Mystic Collectibles

Professor LaGungo's Exotic Artifacts & Assorted Mystic Collectibles

Mark McLaughlin

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