Annal: 2003 Edgar Allan Poe Award® for Best Paperback Original

Results of the Edgar Allan Poe Award® in the year 2003.

Book:Out of Sight (T.J. MacGregor)

Out of Sight

T.J. MacGregor

Book:Black Jack Point

Black Jack Point

Jeff Abbott

The “master of white-knuckled suspense” (Harlan Coben) is back…and so is Texas judge Whit Mosely-in an all-new, all-exciting tale of a legendary treasure, modern-day piracy, and a life-or-death game that turns Whit’s friend, Port Leo police detective Claudia Salazar, into a high-seas hostage.

Book:The Night Watcher

The Night Watcher

John Lutz

Someone is killing wealthy Manhattanites. One by one, the victims are discovered in luxurious high-rise apartments. Bound, gagged—brutally murdered in the “safety” of their own homes, by someone whose modus operandi is as horrifying as anything NYPD Detectives Ben Stack and Rica Lopez have ever seen.

As Stack and Lopez investigate the cruel deaths, they have no idea that they are being watched from the shadows—observed by a cunning murderer picking up all the clues necessary to stay one step ahead of the police while perfecting a deadly craft. And when a pattern slowly emerges, the detectives realize that the killings aren’t the random acts of a maniac, but the personal campaign of someone bent on retribution…someone who’s been watching closely and knows their case too well.

Someone whose vengeance will burn forever.

Book:Prison Blues

Prison Blues

Anna Salter

Eight months pregnant: a time when most women would want to stay off their feet. But forensic psychologist Michael Stone is no ordinary woman. When her old friend, the warden at Nelson’s Point Correctional Facility, asks her to replace a psychologist who was leading the sex offender therapy group, Michael can’t say no. As she soon discovers, her predecessor was dismissed for having sexual relations with an inmate—and had befriended a smooth-talking prisoner in her group…a prisoner who now has his eyes on Michael. When violence erupts, leaving one inmate dead and one official in a coma, all eyes are trained on Michael’s group. With no witnesses or weapons to be found, Michael races against the clock—armed only with her knowledge of the psychopathic mind—to uncover a vicious criminal network that might extend far beyond the prison walls…



Graham Masterton

Something is happening to Bonnie Winter.

She’s a working wife and mother, and her job is cleaning up crime scenes. Considering what she sees everyday, it must take a lot to disturb a woman like Bonnie Winter.

You can’t imagine.

In this brilliantly unnerving novella, Graham Masterton speaks the unspeakable with terrifying precision and elegance, and finds menace in the most ordinary turns of an ordinary day. Step into Bonnie Winter’s world and just try to forget it.

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