Annal: 2003 Edgar Allan Poe Award® for Best Young Adult

Results of the Edgar Allan Poe Award® in the year 2003.

Book:The Wessex Papers: Volume 1. Trust Falls

The Wessex Papers: Volume 1. Trust Falls

Daniel Parker

Hey man,
This place is crazy. They (I’m not exactly sure who “they” are, but that oaf of a dorm counselor I told you about is at the top of the list for sure) actually planted chewing tobacco in some kid’s bag so that they could expel him. And I thought all I’d have to put up with this year was a bunch of spoiled brats with platinum cards.
James, an evil stench is wafting through the air here at Wessex Academy, and it smells just like a conspiracy.
Gotta go,

Alumni brat Sunday Winthrop and new student Fred Bushmill’s pranks lead to their uncovering a sinister blackmail ring—one that will stop at nothing to incriminate one of their friends.

Book:The Wessex Papers: Volume 2. Fallout

The Wessex Papers: Volume 2. Fallout

Daniel Parker

Dear Charles,
I regret to inform you that I have expelled your son, Noah. This was not a decision that I made lightly. Indeed, it is particularly vexing to me, as you and your family have faithfully supported the Wessex Academy for so many years. Sadly, I had no choice. I don’t want to go into the sordid details on paper; suffice it to say that the incident involved one of our female faculty members, and that Noah’s behavior was inappropriate in the extreme.
Perhaps some kind of arrangement can be made, although I’m doubtful.
Again, my most sincere regrets.
Book:The Wessex Papers: Volume 3. Outsmart

The Wessex Papers: Volume 3. Outsmart

Daniel Parker

Date: October 23
From: Headmaster Olsen
To: Pearson Ellis
Re: Winslow Ellis
Dear Mr. Ellis:
As you know, I’ve always held your son in the highest esteem. It pains me to have to inform you of his involvement in various illegal and immoral money-making schemes on the Wessex campus. Details attached.
Winslow is at a critical juncture in his education and can not afford any blemishes on his record. Toward that…[more]
Book:Cheating Lessons

Cheating Lessons

Nan Willard Cappo

Can honesty be the worst policy?

Bernadette Terrell has always known the right thing to do. Not the most popular girl in school, her focus has always been on academic, not social, success. When her favorite teacher names her to Wickham High School’s state championship quiz bowl team, she believes that she has reached the pinnacle of her high school academic career. However, her elation quickly fades as she begins to suspect that perhaps someone cheated to get Wickham into the contest and is cheating still.

In her search for answers, Bernadette must contend with a situation that isn’t black and white, where a community’s hope, hard work, and pride are on the line. Is a team—and a school—implicated by one person’s behavior?

Cappo’s blend of suspense and humor makes Cheating Lessons a riveting story about right and wrong—and the downside of trust.

Book:Hit and Run

Hit and Run

Mark Delaney

When the Misfits respond to an appeal from an old friend, they land in the middle of a mystery surrounding a hit-and-run accident. A routine investigation quickly turns dangerous as the four young detectives uncover a complicated plot involving a gang-controlled car-theft ring and a twisted plan for revenge. Byte, Peter, and Jake must work fast to stop an innocent woman from going to prison, while Mattie must learn an important lesson in forgiveness.

Book:The Night the Penningtons Vanished

The Night the Penningtons Vanished

Marianna Heusler

Alone in her aunt’s gift shop How Do I Love Thee? late one evening, Isabella Ripa opens the door to a glamorous woman carrying a birdcage. Isabella is enchanted by the woman’s love birds and agrees to take them - at least for the night - until she can persuade her Aunt Talullah to adopt the pair, called the Penningtons. But in the morning the birds are gone. In their place is a book of love poems. As Isabella and her friends set out to recover the birds, they become embroiled in a mystery of a missing actress, a robbery and an intruder in Aunt Talullah’s house.

The Night the Penningtons Vanished introduces a delightful trio of friends who work together to solve one strange problem after another. Buffetted by the demands of her teen years and conflict with her older sister, Isabella is determined to get to the bottom of the Penningtons mystery.

Book:Safe House

Safe House

Meg Cabot

It wasn’t her fault. Sixteen-year-old Jessica Mastriani was on vacation when classmate Amber Mackey went missing. How could Jess—even with her newly acquired psychic ability to find anyone, anywhere—have stopped the varsity cheerleader from turning up dead, without having known she was missing in the first place?

But ignorance is apparently no excuse. Most of the student population at Ernest Pyle High School seem to blame Jess for Amber’s brutal slaying. Jess has never been particularly popular, but she’d been hoping to start her junior year off right—slumber parties instead of fist fights, and invitations to prom instead of detention.

But when yet another cheerleader disappears, Jess is given a chance to redeem herself. If she can just find Heather Montrose—without letting the Feds know she still has her psychic powers—before Heather, too, is murdered, maybe Jess will finally…[more]

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