Annal: 2003 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score

Results of the Golden Globe Award in the year 2003.

Album:Frida: Music from the Motion Picture

Frida: Music from the Motion Picture

Elliot Goldenthal

She was famous as both artist and model, infamous as political revolutionary and social libertine, and Frida Kahlo’s controversial life couldn’t help but seem the stuff of great musical theater. Her story is brought to the screen by director Julie Taymor, whose musical compatriot here is also her husband; Elliot Goldenthal, student of both Copland and Corigliani, shrewdly sublimates his modernism in service of the rich, evocative music and songs of Mexico and Central America. Utilizing performers that range from the contemporary (Lila Downs) to the folk-classic…

Album:25th Hour: Original Score

25th Hour: Original Score

Terence Blanchard

Spike Lee’s powerful rumination on the last 24 hours of freedom of a young convicted felon (Edward Norton) before he serves a seven-year prison sentence that will forever change his life is charged with melancholy regrets—and slim hopes of redemption. Longtime Lee collaborator Terence Blanchard’s haunting score was deservedly nominated for a Golden Globe for the stark, sophisticated way it colors a challenging story with music that’s at once haunting and achingly introspective. Blanchard’s orchestral music here may at first seem like his most obvious bowing to…

Album:Far From Heaven: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Far From Heaven: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Elmer Bernstein

With typical verve, director Todd Haynes’s film not only seeks to evoke Douglas Sirk’s social-themed Hollywood melodramas of the ‘50s, but to bring an entirely new one to life with a distinct lack of modern irony. In telling the story of a Connecticut couple whose “perfect” relationship masks taboo undercurrents of homosexuality and interracial love, Haynes has found the perfect musical collaborator in 50-plus-year film scoring veteran Elmer Bernstein. The composer manages a deft tightrope act here, managing to inform Haynes’s film-out-of-time with the same…

Album:The Hours: Music from the Motion Picture

The Hours: Music from the Motion Picture

Philip Glass

How better to score a movie that takes place in three tangentially related time periods than with music that strives for timelessness? The hallmarks of Philip Glass’s minimalism serve The Hours well. The film, based on Michael Cunningham’s novel, tells the stories of three women—Virginia Woolf in the early 1920s, a housewife just after World War II, and a book editor in the present—whose days relate in different ways to Woolf’s novel Mrs. Dalloway. Yet rather than construct a sonic montage of these three time periods (perhaps some Ravel for Woolf,…

Film:Rabbit-Proof Fence

Rabbit-Proof Fence

Phillip Noyce

Based on a true story, Rabbit-Proof Fence moves with dignified grace from its joyful opening scenes to a conclusion that’s moving beyond words. The title refers to a 1,500-mile fence separating outback desert from the farmlands of Western Australia. It is here, in 1931, that three aboriginal girls are separated from their mothers and transported to a distant training school, where they are prepared for assimilation into white society by a racist government policy. Gracie, Daisy, and Molly belong to Australia’s “stolen generations,” and this riveting film…

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