Annal: 2003 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album

Results of the Grammy Award in the year 2003.

Album:Dangerously in Love

Dangerously in Love


The perfect timing of Beyonce Knowles’ career moves continues with the release of her debut solo album. Dangerously in Love’s best music is wildly up-to-date, craftily designed for both maximum street acceptance and positioning as some of the most cutting-edge stuff on current radio. The brash first single, “Crazy in Love,” melds Jay-Z with an unstoppable Chi-Lites horn sample, shape-shifting into something brand new. Collaborations with Outkast’s Big Boi and Sean Paul also prick up the ears, while changes of pace like “Be with You” and “Speechless”…

Album:Chapter II

Chapter II


This sophomore effort by 2002 hip-pop debutante Ashanti is aimed squarely at the mainstream portion of her audience. Where she made her name with radio-ready duets featuring Ja Rule and Fat Joe, Chapter II goes light on the rap, opting for only a small handful of cameos by co-producer Chink Santana. The mostly mid-tempo tracks are pleasant, but much of the album feels like an unfinished structure that’ll only be fully built when the songs are remixed for the airwaves. Still, with the star’s assured (and nicely undersold) vocals front and center, it amounts…

Album:Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory

R. Kelly

Perhaps R. Kelly’s brushes with the law have caused him to turn down his love light, since his seventh album Chocolate Factory takes scrupulous pains to show an idealized high-minded face of love, eschewing his usual steamy cocktail of raunchy lust and replacing it with a sweet, winsome romanticism. “I’ll Never Leave,” is a wistful valentine, while “The Heart of a Woman,” is embarrassingly empathetic to the plight of the feminine kind and is hardly the kind of fare that one expects from Marvin Gaye’s heir apparent. Despite his real life racy escapades,…

Album:Comin' from Where I'm From

Comin' from Where I'm From

Anthony Hamilton

Album:Love & Life

Love & Life

Mary J. Blige

A return to roots of sorts, Love & Life finally reunites Mary J Blige with the producer who made her the bona fide R&B star she is today, Sean “Puffy/P Diddy” Combs. Arguably, Combs needs the reunion more than she does—since masterminding Blige’s first two albums, What’s the 411 and My Life, his production kudos has suffered at the hands of his rapping and image, while she’s gone from strength to strength. Keen to make her sixth album an event, Puffy pulls out all the stops, dusting off his taste and imagination, and thumbing his Rolodex for…

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