Annal: 2003 John Creasey Memorial New Blood Dagger for a Debuting Author

Results of the Dagger Award in the year 2003.

Book:Mission Flats

Mission Flats

William Landay

Former D.A. William Landay explodes onto the suspense scene with an electrifying novel about the true price of crime and the hidden corners of the criminal justice system. Only an insider could so vividly capture Boston’s gritty underworld of cops and criminals. And only a natural storyteller could weave this mesmerizing tale of murder and memory, a story about the hold of time past over time present–and the story of one unforgettable young policeman who ventures into the most dangerous place of all.

By a gleaming lake in the forests of western Maine, outside a sleepy town called Versailles, the body of a man lies sprawled in a deserted cabin. The dead man was an elite D.A. from Boston, and his beat was that city’s toughest neighborhood: Mission Flats.

Now, for small-town police chief Ben Truman, investigating the murder will mean leaving his quiet, haunted home and journeying…[more]

Book:Backlash (Rod Duncan)


Rod Duncan

The discovery of a butchered pig deliberately left in a local mosque is the catalyst which ignites the simmering racial tension in inner-city Leicester into open warfare. As the police come under fire for their inappropriate response, and the violence starts to escalate, mixed-race Inspector Marjorie (Mo) Akanbai finds herself made into a convenient scapegoat. In addition to watching her painstaking community-relations police work go up in smoke and with her emotional life in crisis, Mo is faced with a terrified Serbian asylum seeker, the brutal murder of an Asian factory owner, a gang of white supremacists, a counterfeit CD scam and an unplanned pregnancy.



C.J. Sansom

It is the winter of 1537 and England is divided into those faithful to the Catholic Church and those loyal to the King and the newly established Church of England. Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s feared vicar-general, crusades against the old Church with savage new laws, rigged trials, and a vast network of informers. Queen Anne Boleyn has been beheaded and monasteries are being dissolved-their treasures pillaged and their lands eyed greedily by courtiers and country gentry. But having put down one people’s rebellion, Cromwell fears another might topple the realm. So, when one of his commissioners is murdered in the monastery at Scarnsea on the south coast of England, he enlists his fellow reformer, Matthew Shardlake, a lawyer renowned as “the sharpest hunchback in the courts of England,” to head the inquiry.

When Shardlake and his young clerk and protégé, Mark Poer, arrive at Scarnsea, the two are greeted with thinly veiled…[more]

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