Annal: 2003 Saturn Award for Best Horror Film

Results of the Saturn Award in the year 2003.

Film:The Ring

The Ring

Gore Verbinski

Disturbing images and a few good shocks don’t stop The Ring from being a hash of half-baked ideas. It’s the kind of frightfest you’ll watch to set a chilling mood or spook your susceptible friends, but when you try to sort it out, this well-mounted American remake (of the 1998 Japanese hit Ringu, based on Koji Suzuki’s popular novel) collapses into a heap of incoherent parts. The negligible plot follows a Seattle reporter (Naomi Watts) as she investigates the death of her niece, the victim of a mysterious videotape that, according to vague urban…

Film:Blade II

Blade II

Guillermo del Toro

Get set for more action, more vampires and more Wesley Snipes in this second monster-hit installment in the Blade franchise. When the world is threatened by a new and deadlier breed of super vampires, the legendary Blade and his mentor, Whistler, must join forces with the Bloodpack, an elite team of vampire warriors.

Film:Eight Legged Freaks

Eight Legged Freaks

Ellory Elkayem

In the grand tradition of atomic-age monster movies, Eight Legged Freaks delivers everything you’d want from a giant-spider thriller. The plot’s hardly original, but familiarity is half the fun, beginning when toxic waste results in a stampede of gigantic, ravenous arachnids in the depressed mining town of Liberty, Arizona. David Arquette is Liberty’s prodigal son, returning to save the town from greedy developers, and to reunite with the lovely local sheriff (Kari Wuhrer), whom he never stopped loving. Before long they’re saving the town from a teeming…



Bill Paxton

Steeped in gloomy atmosphere, Frailty locates its horror in the tyranny of religious fanaticism. Making an assured directorial debut, actor Bill Paxton costars as a Texas widower who believes God has recruited him to destroy demons in human form. Feeling divinely justified in committing a series of ax murders (discreetly unseen), he urges his two young sons to assist him in the killings—a living nightmare recalled in flashback by one of the now-adult sons (Matthew McConaughey) to the FBI agent (Powers Boothe) who’s investigating the murders. But mystery is…

Film:Queen of the Damned

Queen of the Damned

Michael Rymer

Queen of the Damned combines the plot elements from the two disappointing novels Anne Rice cranked out as the sequels to Interview with the Vampire and contrives to be better than the book it is named after, but not by much. The vampire Lestat (a pale, pretty Stuart Townsend) awakens after a century-long nap and discovers flamboyant metal music, then irritates the vampire community by “coming out” and courting celebrities. His sub-Marilyn Manson songs interest paranormal-watching human librarian Jesse (Marguerite Moreau), who looks him up in a Mile…

Film:Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Paul W.S. Anderson

Marilyn Manson worked on the soundtrack, so it’s no surprise that Resident Evil is best enjoyed by headbangers, goth guys, and PlayStation junkies. Like the interactive game it’s based on, this horror hybrid pits a small band of SWAT-like commandos (including Milla Jovovich and Girlfight’s Michelle Rodriguez) against a ravenous hoard of zombies, resulting in a gorefest that only sociopaths could love. The tenacious heroes are trapped inside the Hive—an underground complex where an evil corporation conducts illegal research with a deadly virus—and…

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