Annal: 2003 Shamus Award for Best Paperback Original P.I. Novel

Results of the Shamus Award in the year 2003.

Book:The Poisoned Rose

The Poisoned Rose

D. Daniel Judson

The rich don’t have more secrets—they just bury them deeper

Trouble always seems to find Declan MacManus…and it finds him again one rain-swept October night when the part-time P.I.—and full-time outsider—gets caught in the middle of a brutal homicide. To the rich and untouchable of Southampton, longtime locals like MacManus are little more than background scenery. Set up to take the fall in a nasty case of double-dealing and multiple murder, Mac follows a serpentine trail that leads through the murky waters of his past—and into the twisted heart of a prominent East End family he once knew well. As the lines between past and present, rich and poor, right and wrong begin to blur, a decades-old secret emerges from behind the closed doors of the Hamptons’ moneyed enclaves—and a town sworn to protect its own declares open season on anyone who stands in its way. Mac is first in line…

Book:Cash Out

Cash Out

Paul Boray

Here’s the story: San Francisco bookie Billy Rossi is $300,000 short. Some Chinatown thugs beat it out of him and his girlfriend, Sherri the showgirl. That’s why he called down-and-out ex-cop John “Tomb” Tomei.

Here’s the deal: Tomb needs money. Billy needs help. All Tomb has to do is go after the thugs and get the money back. Easy, right?

Here’s the problem: Sherri the showgirl has disappeared. And Tomb’s crazy friend Red, retired king of the Chinatown beat, has his own psychotic idea about settling the score. Worse yet, a high-powered Tong leader wants Tomb and Red dead.

When you’re in this deep, there’s only one thing to do: Cash Out

Book:Juicy Watusi

Juicy Watusi

Richard Helms

Book:The Lusitania Murders

The Lusitania Murders

Max Allan Collins

On May 7, 1915, the luxury liner Lusitania was struck by a German torpedo. On board was an under-cover journalist using the pen name S.S. Van Dine. And hours before the tragic sinking changed the course of history, there was a mystery—of treason, sabotage, and murder.

Book:Paint It Black

Paint It Black

P.J. Parrish

Detective Louis Kincaid lands in the coastal community of Sereno Bay, Florida, which has been shaken by a grisly ritualistic murder. Though an arrest is quickly made, Kincaid feels unsettled. His uncertainty is confirmed when a second body is discovered, then a third—each branded with the bizarre trademarks of a serial killer. Now, Kincaid will do whatever it takes to stop the slaughter.

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