Annal: 2004 Aventis Prize for Junior Science Book

Results of the Aventis Prize in the year 2004.

Book:Really Rotten Experiments

Really Rotten Experiments: Horrible Science series

Nick Arnold, Tony De Saulles

Book:The Beginning

The Beginning: Voyages Through Time

Peter Ackroyd

The Beginning brings an incredible story to life: the most astonishing history of the Universe. It is the story of who we are, where we are, and how we came to be here. It is the story of life itself.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, and containing a wealth of factual information to complement extraordinary narrative, The Beginning will take you on a journey of wonder: from alien landscapes to “upside-down” continents, violent collisions, and mass extinction; from worms with jaws and pigs as big as men to saber-toothed cats and monstrous dinosaurs. A time when humans were the victims, not masters, of their world. Encounter history as you have never experienced it before.

Book:Forces and Motion

Forces and Motion: Start Science series

Sally Hewitt

This series of science books take children on an exploration through the natural world around them, from the fascinating realm of bugs and butterflies to the marvels of space and the stars beyond. Depicted with charming illustrations and filled with interesting facts, these highly informative books are sure to thrill and captivate their young audience.

All books contain notes for parents and teachers, a table of contents, a glossary and an index.

Book:In the Rain Forest

In the Rain Forest: Survivor's Science series

Peter Riley

Book:Riotous Robots

Riotous Robots

Mike Goldsmith

Riotous Robots are taking over the world, and this cybernetic guide tells you just how they are doing it. Read on and you’ll discover a robot that’s forced to snack on slugs for a living and a robo-alligator that works as a scarecrow. You’ll also learn how to tell your cyborgs from your cyberpets.

Book:Tell Me…Who Lives in Space?

Tell Me…Who Lives in Space?

Clare Oliver

How can a belt be made of rock? Can I fly around the solar system? Which planet came as a big surprise? Kids want to know, and Tell Me Who Lives in Space? wants to tell. The book answers this and many more questions, from which star is a dog (Sirius), to where do stars come from (space dust and gases), to is Earth really round like a ball (it’s almost a ball, except for that little bulge in the middle).

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