Annal: 2004 Bram Stoker Award for Poetry Collection

Results of the Bram Stoker Award in the year 2004.

Book:The Women at the Funeral

The Women at the Funeral

Corrine De Winter

“Corrine De Winter writes like a wounded angel, visiting this planet only as it is necessary to get her message to us, yet not long enough to consume more of our humanity than she has time to transform.” —Stanley Wiater, author of “Dark Thoughts on Writing”

Book:The Desert

The Desert

Charlee Jacob

The Desert contains fifty-three new and previously published horror and dark fantasy poems!

Book:Men Are From Hell, Woman Are From the Galaxy of Death

Men Are From Hell, Woman Are From the Galaxy of Death

Mark McLaughlin

This new chapbook by Mark features poems dealing with love, vampires, evil killing machines, love, nightmares, robots, zombies and… love. Because love means never having to say you’re scary.

Book:Waiting My Turn to Go Under the Knife

Waiting My Turn to Go Under the Knife: Poems

Tom Piccirilli

Piccirilli outdoes himself with his most personal poetry collection to date. Waiting My Turn To Go Under the Knife confronts us with some of our greatest fears. Piccirilli stabs and twists the knife deep so that we feel the emotion and power of every poem.

Piccirilli is one of the strongest voices in horror fiction today, but when he sets his sights on poetry, his literary vision slices inward to examine the lonely human psyche. As a poet, he stands alone.

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