Annal: 2004 Golden Kite Fiction Award

Results of the Golden Kite Award in the year 2004.

Book:Bucking the Sarge

Bucking the Sarge

Christopher Paul Curtis

Luther T. Farrell has got to get out of Flint, Michigan.

As his best friend Sparky says, “Flint’s nothing but the Titanic.”

And his mother, a.k.a. the Sarge, says, “Take my advice and stay off the sucker path.”

The Sarge milked the system to build an empire of slum housing and group homes. Luther’s just one of the many people trapped in the Sarge’s Evil Empire—but he’s about to bust out.

If Luther wins the science fair this year, he’ll be on track for college and a future as America’s best-known and best-loved philosopher. All he’s got to do is beat his arch rival Shayla Patrick, the beautiful daughter of Flint’s finest undertaker—and the love of Luther’s life. …[more]

Book:The Gift Moves

The Gift Moves

Steve Lyon

Path down the Mountain journeys far from her home to live and study the art of weaving with Heron, a master weaver famous for her brilliantly colored cloth. Under Heron’s vigilant eye, Path begins to learn the secrets of the loom. But Path has secrets of her own. Secrets about her family and her past that she will not share with anyone, until she meets the baker’s son, a boy named Bird.

As Midsummer Day approaches, a day for which hundreds of yards of cloth must be woven and dyed, both Path and Bird are consumed by their work. But in stolen moments, they gradually become friends. Their friendship angers Heron, who believes Path must devote herself only to weaving, and as the great holiday grows near, Path’s journey becomes more difficult than ever before.

In a futuristic world where cats talk and battery trees glow in the night, Path discovers that the gift of one’s own story is still the most precious thing of all.

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