Annal: 2004 International Horror Guild Award for Nonfiction

Results of the International Horror Guild Award in the year 2004.

Book:A Serious Life

A Serious Life

D.M. Mitchell

The main voices in A Serious Life belong to David M. Mitchell—his evaluation of the books, records and comics produced by Savoy Books over the last thirty years—and the company’s founders, David Britton and Michael Butterworth, publishers of the eclectic, the maverick and the marginalised. Here they give their first ever extended interviews concerning the company’s history, and state their aims and intentions from Savoy’s inception in the early 1970s to the present day, most notably a disdain for anything occupying the middle ground and an insistent advocacy for the merging of High and Low culture.

Topics featured include their personal creations Lord Horror and Meng & Ecker, the 20-year confrontation of the company with the Greater Manchester Police Force, and the involvement of Index on Censorship and Geoffrey Robertson QC in the same, culminating in the defence of their works at the Royal Courts of Justice in 1996.

A Serious Life is an ironic title. It is a friendly book, and an informal read, to be dipped into at leisure by readers. It is hoped it will amuse as much as it will inform, entertain, irritate and confound.

Book:Cave of a Thousand Tales

Cave of a Thousand Tales: The Life and Times of Pulp Author Hugh B. Cave

Milt Thomas

Hugh B. Cave is one of the master pulp-fiction authors.

Book:Hanging Out With the Dream King

Hanging Out With the Dream King: Interviews with Neil Gaiman and His Collaborators

Joe McCabe

The most intimate look yet into the life and mind of the bestselling author and creator of The Sandman.

Neil Gaiman is one of the most successful and versatile writers working today. He has become renowned not only for the consistently high quality of his writing but for his mastery of many media. He is an award-winning comic book writer (Sandman), novelist (American Gods), children’s book author (The Wolves in the Walls), and television screenwriter (Neverwhere). Yet with all the fans hungry to know more about his work, there has not yet been a single major nonfiction book covering Gaiman’s entire creative output. Until now.

Hanging Out With the Dream King: Conversations With Neil Gaiman and His Collaborators presents a thorough look at Gaiman’s work not only through his eyes, but through the eyes of his many collaborators. Artists, writers, editors, musicians—over…[more]

Book:The Paint in My Blood

The Paint in My Blood

Alan M. Clark

This 152 page full-color book contains over 130 paintings by World Fantasy Award-winner Alan M. Clark. Includes commentary by the artist on his process, techniques, the philosophies behind his approach to illustration and his career in the freelance business. There is a CD in the back of the book which contains a film of Alan M. Clark demonstrating spontaneous painting techniques and animations of several of the paintings in the book painting themselves.

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