Annal: 2004 Kate Tufts Discovery Award

Results of the Tufts Poetry Awards in the year 2004.

Book:The Brass Girl Brouhaha

The Brass Girl Brouhaha

Adrian Blevins

Of this book, the poet Linda Gregerson has written, “Sex is in here. Mortality too, with all the incremental wounds to self-love and to dignity that sex and mortality entail. And motherhood, square root of all the rest, is here, so stripped of every piety it steams. And spooling through this gorgeous, brassy brouhaha, the freshest poetic line that America has produced in thirty years.

I don’t know where she got it except from the gods and from plenty of god-inspired hard work, but Adrian Blevins’ perfect gift for timing is plain magic on the page. [She] has harnessed the vernacular sentence—the one great underused resource in our national repository—and put it through paces that make the language young again. Edgy, double-timing, favoring the feint and swerve, she plays the momentums of slang and syntax, run-on and compression for all they’re worth. And in expert hands like these, they’re worth nearly everything: these poems remind us how smart the language can be on our behalf. We’ve needed this book; it comes not a minute too soon. Blevins’ spirited demotic is a thinking-machine.”

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