Annal: 2005 Anthony Asquith Award for Achievement in Film Music

Results of the Anthony Asquith Award in the year 2005.

Album:The Motorcycle Diaries: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Motorcycle Diaries: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Gustavo Santaolalla

Argentine filmmaker Walter Salles (Central Station, Behind the Sun chronicles the epic, 8000 mile motorcycle journey of two friends—one of whom is Ernesto “Che” Guevara—in his compelling story of personal, geographic, and political discovery. Composer Gustavo Santaollala, one of the leading figures in Argentine rock and pop (and the producer behind 2003 Latin Grammy Record and Album of the Year winner Juanes) infuses Salles’ unusual road movie with a multi-faceted score that draws not only on his country’s rich national musical heritage, but…

Album:The Aviator: Original Score

The Aviator: Original Score

Howard Shore

Martin Scorsese’s energetic, visually rich biopic of billionaire industrialist Howard Hughes shrewdly eschews the strange, cloistered existence of the enigma’s last quarter century to focus on his exploits as reckless heir, Hollywood playboy and record-setting aviator. The film’s pop ‘n’ jazz oriented song-score colors its era and locales, but this rich, Golden Globe-nominated orchestral soundtrack by veteran Howard Shore explores the complex emotional landscape of its central character. Utilizing an orchestral palate that initially wends from the bright,…

Album:The Chorus: (Les Choristes) Original Music from the Motion Picture

The Chorus: (Les Choristes) Original Music from the Motion Picture

Bruno Coulais

Already a box office sensation with a million-selling soundtrack in its native France, writer/director Christopher Barratier’s tale of a post-war music teacher’s lasting impact on his young charges rode its formulaic Hollywood roots all the way to Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations as Best Foreign Language Film, as well as an Oscar nod for Best Song (“Look To Your Path [Vois Sur Ton Chemin],” a collaboration between the director and film composer Bruno Coulais). Taking his inspiration from the boy’s chorus at the center of the film’s drama, Coulais has…

Album:Finding Neverland: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Finding Neverland: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Jan A.P. Kaczmarek

As did the Lewis Carroll/Alice in Wonderland-rooted Dreamchild before it, Finding Neverlandexplores the all-too-human roots of an English children’ s literature classic, in this case author James Mathew Barrie’s (Johnny Depp) enduring fable, Peter Pan. Polish stage composer cum film scorer Jan A. P. Kaczmarek takes the film’s fantasy-leavened, yet ultimately bittersweet tale of Barrie, his losing battle with adulthood and the magic world of prose it inspired and invests it with an exuberant score that positively pulses with…

Album:Ray: Original Soundtrack

Ray: Original Motion Picture Score

Craig Armstrong

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