Annal: 2005 Bram Stoker Award for Poetry Collection

Results of the Bram Stoker Award in the year 2005.


Freakcidents: A Surrealist Sideshow

Michael A. Arnzen

Thirty disturbing—and perversely hilarious—poems of mutancy by Michael Arnzen, the Bram Stoker Award-Winning author of Grave Markings, generously illustrated with the bizarre imaginings of GAK. If you dare to peek inside this twisted tent, you’ll find such freaks, mutants, morons and sideshow splattractions as...

Book:Sineater: Poetry

Sineater: Poetry

Charlee Jacob

Thirty-nine of the darkest poems to come from the pen of one of today’s best horror poets, Charlee Jacob.


Seasons: A Series of Poems Based on the Life and Death of Edgar Allan Poe

Daniel Shields

Wine or Song?
It goes down smooth
Like notes on a piano
Leaves you wanting more
Until it is quenched
Book:The Shadow City

The Shadow City: Poems

Gary William Crawford

A collection of horror poetry focusing on the fantastic, mythological “shadow city.” Some poems co-authored with award winning speculative poet, Bruce Boston. Artwork by Jimmy Britton.

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