Annal: 2005 Festival de Cannes Jury Awards for Feature Films

Results of the Festival de Cannes in the year 2005.

Film:The Child

The Child: (L'enfant)

Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne

Dispossessed twenty-year old Bruno (Jérémie Renier) lives with his eighteen-year-old girlfriend Sonia (Déborah François) in Seraing, an eastern Belgian steel town. They live off Sonia’s unemployment benefits and the panhandling and petty theft committed by Bruno and his gang. Their lives change forever when Sonia gives birth to their child, Jimmy. She returns home after Jimmy’s birth to find that Bruno has sublet their apartment to total strangers. After an initial and promising change of heart about becoming a father and changing his ways, Jimmy becomes little more to Bruno than a new source of wealth. Desperate for money and unable to face his parental responsibilities, Bruno sells Jimmy to a black market connection, who promises to find the child an adoptive home. Realizing the error in his actions Bruno sets out to try and undo his callous deed, leading him to a powerful personal transformation.

Film:Broken Flowers

Broken Flowers

Jim Jarmusch

Bill Murray gives yet another simple, seemingly effortless, yet illuminating performance in Jim Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers. Don Johnston (Murray, Lost in Translation, Rushmore) receives an anonymous letter telling him that he has a 19 year old son who’s looking for him. Don only decides to investigate at the prompting of his neighbor Winston (the indispensable Jeffrey Wright, Shaft, Basquiat), who not only tracks down the current addresses of the possible mothers, he plans Don’s entire trip down to the rental cars. Almost against…

Film:Shanghai Dreams

Shanghai Dreams: (Qing Hong)

Xiaoshuai Wang

Set in the early 1980’s against the backdrop of China’s reforms and opening, Shanghai Dreams is the story of first love. The protagonist, nineteen-year-old Qing Hong, comes from a typical emigrant who relocated to Guizhou Province from their hometown of Shanghai in the mid 1960’s.

Her father is eager to go back to Shanghai, but for Qing Hong, the choice to relocate is complicated by her budding romance with Hong Gen, a young man from a local peasant family.

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