Annal: 2006 Agatha Award for Best Children’s/Young Adult

Results of the Agatha Award in the year 2006.

Book:The Pea Soup Poisonings

The Pea Soup Poisonings

Nancy Means Wright

Zoe Elwood’s know-it-all brother Kelby has started the Northern Spy Club-named after a variety of apple in their father’s Vermont orchard-and declared himself President. To get into the club one must walk a narrow beam over rusted farm machinery, and solve a crime. In this case, the crime involves Alice Fairweather’s grandmother, who has expired after eating a bowl of pea soup. According to Kelby, the elderly Bagley Sisters across the street who made the soup must be guilty. But Zoe is fond of the Bagley Sisters and asks her friend Spencer to help her uncover clues that will prove the sisters are innocent. Solving the crime and walking the high beam in the barn are something that Zoe is determined to prove a girl can do just as well as a boy.

Book:Behind the Curtain

Behind the Curtain: An Echo Falls Mystery

Peter Abrahams

In echo falls you never know what’s coming next—and everyone has a secret. Things are amiss at 99 Maple Lane: Ingrid’s dad’s job is in jeopardy, but he won’t explain why. Ingrid’s brother, Ty, is getting buff—really buff—but when Ty starts getting moody, Ingrid wonders if there’s more to his physical fitness than lifting weights. Meanwhile, Ingrid’s beloved soccer coach is replaced by an icy newcomer named Julia LeCaine, who seems a little too savvy to be in it for the postgame pizza. True to her hero, Sherlock Holmes, Ingrid begins fishing around to find out who’s really pulling the strings in Echo Falls. But one morning, while en route to the dreaded MathFest, Ingrid is kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a car. Even if she escapes, will anyone believe her story?

In this sequel to Down the Rabbit Hole a clever young girl learns that mysterious forces are at work in her town—and exposing them could put her life in jeopardy.

Book:The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas

The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas: (Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars)

Tracy Mack, Michael Citrin

Sherlock Holmes stories captured readers' imaginations for more than a century. Now Tracy Mack and Michael Citrin will capture the hearts of a new generation with a unique new twist on these beloved mysteries. Few know: Holmes was assisted by a band of devoted boys, street urchins who loved to solve mysteries, called the Baker Street Irregulars. These boys go everywhere, see everything, overhear everyone undetected. Now, in this exciting tale, Wiggins, Ozzie, Simon, and the rest—with the aid of Pilar, a gypsy girl—help Sherlock Holmes solve the case of the deaths of the Amazing Walendas.

Book:Room One: A Mystery or Two

Room One: A Mystery or Two

Andrew Clements

Ted Hammond loves a good mystery, and in the spring of his fifth-grade year, he’s working on a big one. How can his school in the little town of Plattsford stay open next year if there are going to be only five students? Out here on the Great Plains in western Nebraska, everyone understands that if you lose the school, you lose the town.

But the mystery that has Ted’s full attention at the moment is about that face, the face he sees in the upper window of the Andersons’ house as he rides past on his paper route. The Andersons moved away two years ago, and their old farmhouse is empty, boarded up tight. At least it’s supposed to be.

A shrinking school in a dying town. A face in the window of an empty house. At first these facts don’t seem to be related. But Ted Hammond learns that in a very small town, there’s no such thing as an isolated event. And the solution of one mystery is often the beginning of another.

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