Annal: 2006 Golden Kite Picture Book Illustration Award

Results of the Golden Kite Award in the year 2006.

Book:Not Afraid of Dogs

Not Afraid of Dogs

Susanna Pitzer, Larry Day

Daniel is the bravest boy of all!

Daniel isn’t afraid of spiders. He isn’t afraid of snakes. He isn’t even afraid of thunderstorms. And no matter what his sister says, he’s certainly not afraid of dogs — he just doesn’t like them. But there’s no avoiding them when he comes home and his mother is babysitting his aunt’s dog.

Susanna Pitzer’s humorous look into the nature of courage, fear, and friendship has a touching outcome for both the brave and the frail of heart, with expressive illustrations by Larry Day.

Book:Hippo! No, Rhino

Hippo! No, Rhino

Jeff Newman

The zookeeper accidentally labels the rhinocerous as a hippo. The rhino is upset by this and tries to get the visitors to the zoo to fix it. Unfortunately, all of the adults are happy to read the sign and just assume that it is correct. Finally a small boy corrects the error.

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