Annal: 2006 International Horror Guild Award for Collection

Results of the International Horror Guild Award in the year 2006.

Book:American Morons

American Morons: Stories

Glen Hirshberg

From the author of the acclaimed novel The Snowman’s Children and the award-winning collection The Two Sams comes American Morons, a new collection of dazzling and haunting tales…

Two traveling college students confront their disintegrating relationship and the new American reality in a breakdown lane along the Italian Superstrade. A woman chases the ghost of her neglectful father to a vanished amusement park at the end of the Long Beach pier. Two recently retired teachers learn just how much Los Angeles has taken from them.

In these atmospheric, wide-ranging, surprisingly playful, and deeply mournful stories, grandkids and widows, ice cream-truck drivers and judges, travelers and invalids all discover — and sometimes even survive — the everyday losses from which the most vengeful ghosts so often spring.

Book:Basic Black: Tales of Appropriate Fear

Basic Black: Tales of Appropriate Fear

Terry Dowling

This brand new collection of fiction from the author who has been called “Australia’s finest writer of horror” by Locus magazine and “Australia’s premier writer of dark fantasy” by All Hallows and “one of the best prose stylists in science fiction and fantasy” by The Year’s Best Fantasy 4.

It’s dark in here…

Not just with the absence of light, but with things made for the dark, things that work best when the wind is in the trees and the sun has gone from the sky.

There’s a carnival, of course—and such a one!—and a six-sided mirror room on a rainy evening. There’s a model of a ship made from bone, a hotel room with the hint of a clown’s face on the wall, a gun that grows its own bullets (you know they…[more]

Book:The Lost District and Other Stories

The Lost District and Other Stories

Joel Lane

Joel Lane follows his award-winning collection The Earth Wire (1994) with a still darker and more subversive assemblage of strange tales. The Lost District links the hidden places in urban and small-town landscapes to the hidden places in human lives. Set in a post-industrial hinterland of the present, the near future, and the imagined, these stories portray human encounters with the unknown: sexual discovery, drug-inspired visions, the lonely paths of madness, and the shadowy realm on the other side of death.

Here you will read of a porn film actor whose scars reveal the forces controlling his life; an underground factory where outsiders pay a terrible price in order to belong; a musician haunted by the madness of a dead singer; a neighborhood fading into corrupt echoes of itself; and a man who literally follows his ex-lover to the end of the world. …[more]

Book:Map of Dreams

Map of Dreams

M. Rickert

Set in a reality where nightmares do not fade upon waking, this anthology skims along the surface of life and dips just beneath, revealing the hidden machinations that fuel dreams. These underlying myths and fantasies exist not as musty old stories but as ancient truths that have come to illuminate the modern human condition. The title story touches on themes of grief, redemption, and time travel; “Cold Fire” ventures into love and obsession; and “Peace on Suburbia” introduces readers to a Christmas with an entirely different kind of savior. These and 13 other tales are framed by four interludes—Dreams, Nightmares, Waking, and Rising—that guide readers through a world that is at once familiar and eerily off-kilter.

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