Annal: 2007 Bram Stoker Award for First Novel

Results of the Bram Stoker Award in the year 2007.

Book:Heart-Shaped Box

Heart-Shaped Box: A Novel

Joe Hill

Aging, self-absorbed, death-metal rock star Judas Coyne was a collector. He collects the bizarre, the uncanny, and the grotesque. Many of these objects were gifts from the black-clad fans that made his metal band a legend and made him rich. But not all…When his personal assistant told him there was a ghost for sale on the Internet, Jude knew he had to have it for his private collection, didn t think twice. He should have. Jude has spent a lifetime evading ghosts of an abusive father, of the band mates he betrayed, of Anna, the suicidal girl he loved and abandoned. But this spirit is different. This one means to chase him to the edge of sanity. His new acquisition delivered to his doorstep in a black heart-shaped box is the restless soul of Anna s vengeful step daddy. Craddock McDermott swore he would settle with Jude for ruining his daughter s life. Soon, everywhere Jude turns, Craddock is there: behind the bedroom door; in Jude s restored vintage Mustang; outside his window; on his widescreen TV. Waiting with a gleaming razor blade on a chain dangling from one bony hand.

Book:The Hollower

The Hollower

Mary SanGiovanni

What is the Hollower? At times it can look like a man in a black coat and a black hat. But it’s definitely not a man. It’s not human at all. Its sole purpose is to stalk, to torment and to drive its victims to their deaths. It can sense each victim’s weaknesses, change its appearance and strike however it will hurt the most, physically…and mentally. Dave Kohlar is a man racked with guilt, doubt and worry. The perfect prey. He’s about to learn exactly what the Hollower is—and how it feeds.

Book:I Will Rise

I Will Rise

Michael Louis Calvillo

Upon death, a bitter, societal outcast named Charles is given the ability to annihilate the human race. Risen and relishing the opportunity to make the world suffer, he embraces his bloody destiny, but as his killing touch spreads death and destruction, his new status affords unexpected human interaction. Second thoughts surmount as he falls for Annabelle, a fiery redhead tasked with guiding Charles and orchestrating mayhem. As feelings deepen, Charles wonders: Has he been excluded by society or is his lonely existence a product of his own narrow ignorance? As realization flowers and regrets begin to surface a choice must be made between the legion of the dead and the pleas of the living.

Does all of humanity really deserve to perish at his hands? Is it too late for Charles to defy death, escape meat cleaver wielding pro-human maniacs, prevent zombie hordes from rising and stop the cataclysmic forces raging inside his body? Is it too…[more]

Book:The Memory Tree

The Memory Tree

John R. Little

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