Annal: 2007 Bram Stoker Award for Nonfiction

Results of the Bram Stoker Award in the year 2007.

Book:The Cryptopedia

The Cryptopedia: A Dictionary of the Weird, Strange, and Downright Bizarre

Jonathan Maberry, David F. Kramer

Journey Into The Unknown

At the edge of the known world, demons, monsters, and baffling phenomena abound. To help you navigate this mystery-shrouded realm where the supernatural mingles with the paranormal, fright-guides Jonathan Maberry and David Kramer present their indispensable follow-up to Vampire Universe. Witty and comprehensive, The Cryptopedia divides the otherworldly into chapters that explain the inexplicable, from angels to poltergeists to UFOs and more. Leaving no Philosopher’s Stone unturned, the authors decode occult symbols, demystify the art of fortune-telling, and discuss the myriad strange and bizarre forces at work in the universe. Illustrated throughout, this is an invaluable guide to the Larger World. Don’t leave this plane of existence without it.

Book:Encyclopedia Horrifica

Encyclopedia Horrifica: The Terrifying Truth! About Vampires, Ghosts, Monsters, and More

Joshua Gee

This deluxe paper-over-board fact- and photofilled compendium features the true stories behind real-life nightmares—vampires, aliens, werewolves, ghosts, and more! With exclusive horrific content such as original interviews, obscure photographic evidence, and chilling eyewitness accounts, here’s proof that truth is not just stranger than fiction…it’s also scarier!

Book:The Portable Obituary

The Portable Obituary: How the Famous, Rich, and Powerful Really Died

Michael Largo

No matter what your station in society, everybody has to go sometime. Even the wealthy, powerful, and world-renowned must ultimately meet their Maker—though some have departed this life more ignobly than they might have wished.

  • From Mozart to rock and roll, which performers ended their lives on the wrong note?
  • What famous U.S. bridge is named after an explorer who was eaten by cannibals?
  • Everyone wants to hit the lottery, but does Lady Luck visit winners with deadly fangs?
  • Plus: Learn the real fate of Gilligan’s Island castaways and all your favorite TV actors as well as famous writers, senators, saints, dictators, and philosophers, among many others.

Michael Largo, the man who illuminated readers on the myriad ways of death in Final Exits, has compiled a fascinating,…[more]

Work:Storytellers Unplugged

Storytellers Unplugged

Joe Nassise, David Niall Wilson

Storytellers Unplugged is a writing website.

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