Annal: 2007 Edgar Allan Poe Award® for Best Young Adult

Results of the Edgar Allan Poe Award® in the year 2007.



Robin Merrow MacCready

Claudine has long buried her own needs and dreams to care for her alcoholic mother. But after Mom suddenly disappears, a much darker truth that lies buried under years of angry denial and enabling behavior is waiting to be uncovered. When Claudine eventually hits rock bottom, she must literally dig to find the secret that waits in a shallow grave behind the family’s trailer. Buried is a suspenseful and mind-twisting psychological thriller that will keep readers turning the pages and help them grasp the drama and destruction of codependency.

Book:The Christopher Killer

The Christopher Killer: A Forensic Mystery

Alane Ferguson

As the daughter of a Colorado County coroner, seventeen-year-old Cameryn Mahoney is no stranger to death. In fact, she’s always been fascinated by the science of it. So she’s thrilled to finally get some hands-on experience in forensics working as her father’s assistant. But Cammie is in for more than she bargained for when the second case that she attends turns out to be someone she knows——the latest victim of a serial killer known as the Christopher Killer. And if dealing with that isn’t hard enough, Cammie soon realizes that if she’s not careful, she might wind up as the killer’s next victim….

Book:Crunch Time

Crunch Time

Mariah Fredericks

(Pick up your number 2 pencil. Bite it.)

The thought of the SATs makes Daisy, Leo, Jane, and Max just crazy. Daisy thinks the whole system is bogus. Leo thinks testing’s a game you play to win; not good for Max, who’s convinced he’s a loser. And Jane couldn’t care less about the whole thing. So when the four of them decide to bag the SAT prep class before junior year at Dewey, they form their own study group, a haven from the dog-eat-dog college-acceptance competition.

Pregroup, Max has loved Daisy, his best friend. Daisy has loved basketball. Leo, it seems, has loved Leo. And Jane the unloved (except by her stepdad, rumor goes) has loved none of the above. As they discover, rivalry and rejection aren’t limited to the race for the Ivy Leagues—love has a scoring system all its own.

Then—oops!—it’s discovered that someone has cheated on the SATs. Everyone—adults included—in this vivid, funny, four-voiced novel has a reaction, a theory, and a new worry.

Book:The Night My Sister Went Missing

The Night My Sister Went Missing: A Novel

Carol Plum-Ucci

A tiny pistol, passed from friend to friend at a party on an abandoned pier, suddenly fires, and Casey Carmody falls into the water below. Kurt, Casey’s older brother, endures a seemingly endless night at the police station while the coast guard searches for his sister and his friends are questioned, one by one.

Who was foolish enough to pull the trigger? Was the gunfire accidental or deliberate? Or was the whole drama one of Casey’s practical jokes? And where is Casey—or her body—now? Dark secrets are revealed and petty jealousies rear their ugly heads as each eyewitness comes to the questioning room with his or her own version of “the truth.”

Book:The Road of the Dead

The Road of the Dead

Kevin Brooks

On a storm-ravaged night, a 19-year-old girl is kidnapped, raped, and killed. Three days later, her two younger brothers set out in search of her murderer. Cole, 17, is a dark-eyed devil who doesn’t care if he lives or dies, while Ruben, 14, is a strange child who sometimes, inexplicably, experiences sensations above and beyond his own. This is the story of the boys' journey from their half-gypsy home on a London junk lot to the ghostly moors of Devon, where they hope and fear to find the truth about their sister’s death. It’s a long road, cold and hard and violent. It’s The Road of the Dead.

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