Annal: 2007 Festival de Cannes Jury Awards for Feature Films

Results of the Festival de Cannes in the year 2007.

Film:4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days

4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days: (4 Luni, 3 Saptamini si 2 Zile)

Cristian Mungiu

Otilia and Gabita share the same room in a University’s dormitory. They both study in a small town’s University in Romania, during the last years of communism. Otilia rents a room in a scruffy hotel. They meet Mr Bebe. Gabita is pregnant; abortion is illegal. None of them has ever faced such situation before.

Film:The Mourning Forest

The Mourning Forest: (Mogari no Mori)

Naomi Kawase

Shigeki is comfortable and happy in his small retirement home. The staff is gentle and caring, but Machiko, secretly haunted by the loss of her child, pays special attention to Shigeki. One day, after celebrating Shigeki’s birthday, Machiko and Shigeki take a drive in the countryside. Making their way along the scenic back roads the car is forced into a ditch by a landslide. Shigeki determinedly heads off into the forest, and Machiko has no choice but to follow. Two exhausting days of discovery end at Shigeki’s wife’s tomb.



Vincent Paronnaud, Marjane Satrapi

Tehran 1978: Eight-year-old Marjane dreams of being a prophet, intent on saving the world. Cherished by her modern and cultivated parents and adored by her grandmother, she avidly follows the events that lead to the downfall of the Shah’s brutal regime. Marjane, who must now wear the veil, dreams of being a revolutionary. Soon after, the city is bombarded in the war against Iraq. As her environment becomes increasingly repressive and dangerous, Marjane’s rebelliousness poses a serious problem. Her parents send her to Vienna where 14-year-old Marjane experiences another kind of revolution: adolescence, freedom and the dizzy heights of love but also with this excitement comes exile, loneliness and the bitter taste of life as an outcast.

Film:Silent Light

Silent Light: (Stellet Licht)

Carlos Reygadas

Johan and his family are mennonites from the north of Mexico. Against the law of God and men, Johan, husband and father, falls in love with another woman.

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