Annal: 2007 Golden Kite Picture Book Text Award

Results of the Golden Kite Award in the year 2007.

Book:Pierre In Love

Pierre In Love

Sara Pennypacker, Petra Mathers

Poor Pierre wishes he could tell Catherine how he feels about her, but Catherine is a graceful ballet teacher, and Pierre is merely a poor fisherman.

By making a few silly mistakes and a few more brave decisions, Pierre soon learns that being a fisherman may not make him so hard to love after all.

Pennypacker weaves a sweet story about finding the courage to let someone special into your heart, while Mathers’ luscious illustrations draw readers into a colorful world full of hope and bravery.

Book:The End

The End

David LaRochelle, Richard Egielski

". . . And they lived happily ever after. "

So begins David LaRochelle and Richard Egielski's wacky original fairy tale THE END, which traces the courtship and marriage of a handsome knight and a beautiful princess . . . backwards!

Before we reach the beginning, we meet a temperamental giant, a beleaguered cook, a dragon who's scared of bunny rabbits, an oversized tomato, and an impish figure on a flying pig who just might be the cause of all the madness. It's a conventionally perfect and perfectly unconventional take on the fairy tale - guaranteed to convert the Grimmest reader to giggles.

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