Annal: 2007 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award

Results of the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award in the year 2006.

Book:Salvation Blues: One Hundred Poems

Salvation Blues: One Hundred Poems, 1985-2005

Rodney Jones

Rodney Jones has been called “the supreme example of the southern human person speaking in American poetry” (Southern Review). Salvation Blues traces the career of this popular narrative poet through one hundred choice poems, including twenty-four new pieces. In the tradition of William Faulkner and Sherwood Anderson, Jones conjures an America that betrays stereotyping. There is no subject that he will not touch, and in his detailed vision of his Alabama childhood, he ennobles a misunderstood community. Playing the tension between history and modernity, his poems arise where, as James Dickey put it, “the agrarian and industrial civilizations stand face to face, equally bewildered.”

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