Annal: 2008 Anthony Award for Best Paperback Original

Results of the Anthony Award in the year 2008.

Book:A Thousand Bones

A Thousand Bones

P.J. Parrish

A woman cop. A haunting memory….

The only female detective in the Miami PD’s Homicide division, Joe Frye has memories that haunt her, and a past that not even her lover, detective Louis Kincaid, truly knows. It began when Joe was an ambitious rookie cop in a small Michigan town called Echo Bay….

The bones found in the woods were the first clue in a string of unimaginably brutal murders of young women. Plunged into a heated investigation—and caught between the dictates of a reluctant local sheriff and the state police—Joe soon uncovers the chilling truth: In the dead of winter in the Michigan woods, she must face down a predator who has chosen her as a worthy opponent—or become his next victim.

Book:Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues

Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues

Robert Fate

Now 21, Baby Shark, Kristin Van Dur, has accepted Otis Millett’s invitation to join his firm and learn to be a PI. Busy rounding up a runaway teenage oil heiress, and Kristen finds bodies piling up and that some bad boys want her dead. Add a romantic police detective trying to win her heart, and the knife fight, the murder of two gangsters. Then she steals $100,000 by mistake, gets involved with three hardcore gangsters, trades blackmail photography for information, and, understandably, goes on the run. There are a dozen ways her life can turn unholy awful, but Kristin’s instinct to survive keeps her alive as a gang of Beaumont mobsters hunts her down.

Book:Blood of Paradise

Blood of Paradise

David Corbett

El Salvador: America’s great Cold War success story and the model for Iraq’s fledgling democracy–if one ignores the grinding poverty, the corruption, the spiraling crime, and a murder rate ranked near the top in the hemisphere. This is where Jude McManus works as an executive protection specialist, currently assigned to an American engineer working for a U.S. consortium.

Ten years before, at age seventeen, he saw his father and two Chicago cop colleagues arrested for robbing street dealers. The family fell apart in the scandal’s wake, his disgraced dad died under suspicious circumstances, and Jude fled Chicago to join the army and forge a new life.

Now the past returns when one of his father’s old pals appears. The man is changed–he’s scarred, regretful, self-aware–and he helps Jude revisit the past with a forgiving eye. Then he asks a favor–not for himself, but for the third member…[more]


Queenpin: A Novel

Megan Abbott

A young woman hired to keep the books at a down-at-the-heels nightclub is taken under the wing of the infamous Gloria Denton, a mob luminary who reigned during the Golden Era of Bugsy Siegel and Lucky Luciano. Notoriously cunning and ruthless, Gloria shows her eager young protégée the ropes, ushering her into a glittering demimonde of late-night casinos, racetracks, betting parlors, inside heists, and big, big money. Suddenly, the world is at her feet—as long as she doesn’t take any chances, like falling for the wrong guy. As the roulette wheel turns, both mentor and protégée scramble to stay one step ahead of their bosses and each other.



Ken Bruen, Jason Starr

Warning! This may be the most shocking book you have ever read!

Max Fisher used to run a computer company; Angela Petrakos was his assistant and mistress. But that was last year. Now Max is reinventing himself as a hip-hop crack dealer and Angela’s back in Ireland, hooking up with a would-be record-setter…in the field of serial killing. Will their paths cross again? What do you think?

From the evil geniuses who brought you Bust comes a roller-coaster ride of suspense, mayhem and vicious fun that’ll make you reluctant ever to open your mail again.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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