Annal: 2008 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score

Results of the Golden Globe Award in the year 2008.

Album:Atonement: Music from the Motion Picture

Atonement: Music from the Motion Picture

Dario Marianelli

The filmmakers of Pride and Prejudice (director Joe Wright) reunite for Atonement, based on the award-winning, best-selling 2002 novel, a classic British romance that spans several decades. The Decca soundtrack will be released on December 4 and features original music by Academy Award® nominee Dario Marianelli, (Pride and Prejudice) with piano solos performed by Decca artist Jean Yves-Thibaudet.

Album:Eastern Promises: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Eastern Promises: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Howard Shore

This soundtrack marks composer Howard Shore’s 12th collaboration with director David Cronenberg, and it’s safe to say the two men have an almost symbiotic relationship at this point. Like its immediate predecessor, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises is a crime drama; this time around, however, it is set not in a very American town but among Russian gangsters in London. Shore evokes the milieu by incorporating “slavic” touches from a cimbalom (a type of hammered dulcimer), a balalaika (a triangular stringed instrument), and a tárogatóto (a woodwind) in his orchestrations, but thankfully he doesn’t overdo it and turn the score into cheesy folklore. This is a taut, somber CD, where the main themes are performed by a solo violin (check out in particular “Nine Elms”).

Album:Grace Is Gone: Music from the Motion Picture

Grace Is Gone: Music from the Motion Picture

Clint Eastwood

Stanley Phillips, a patriot and father of two, is overwhelmed when he gets news that his wife, Grace, has been killed in the Iraq war. Though distraught himself, he tries to rally the strength to tell his young daughters. Instead, he bundles them in the car and heads out on a road trip to their favorite amusement park. Inside, he knows what he needs to do. But he must first learn who his daughters are before he can begin helping them overcome this tragedy.

The film features original score by Clint Eastwood and also includes a song written by Eastwood and sung by Jamie Cullum.

Album:Into the Wild: Music for the Motion Picture

Into the Wild: Music for the Motion Picture

Eddie Vedder

Taking a break from his day job fronting rock heavyweight Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder immerses himself into the big-screen story of a young man who gives all his money to charity and hitchhikes to a new life—and his eventual death—in the wilds of Alaska. Prompted by the film’s creator, Sean Penn, to contribute to the musical score, the Seattle musician tackled the entire project, playing every instrument on the soundtrack’s nine original and two cover songs.

Album:The Kite Runner: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Kite Runner: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Alberto Iglesias

This soundtrack features original music written by Spanish composer Alberto Iglesias. The Academy® Award-nominated composer (The Constant Gardener) is also highly-acclaimed for a number of soundtracks he wrote for Academy® Award-winning director Pedro Almodovar’s films, including Hable Con Ella. In addition to the original orchestral music by Iglesias, the soundtrack includes original songs by legendary 70s Afghan singer Ahmad Zahir, Ehsan Aman and the world-renowned British singer of Iranian-Azerbaijanian background Sami Yusuf. The Kite Runner is a powerful movie that has all the necessary elements, including the compellingly beautiful soundtrack, that will make this a hit film as well as one of the best-selling soundtrack albums of the year.

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