Annal: 2008 Yale Younger Poets Prize

Results of the Yale Younger Poets Prize in the year 2008.

Book:It Is Daylight

It Is Daylight

Arda Collins

Mesmerizing and electric, her volume It Is Daylight reads as a series of dramatic monologues articulated in the privacy of an enclosed space. The poems are concrete and yet metaphysically challenging, both witty and despairing. Collins’ emotional complexity and uncommon range make this debut both thrillingly imaginative and ethical in its uncompromising attention to detail. In her Foreword, contest judge Louise Glück observes, “I know no poet whose sense of fraud, the inflated emptiness that substitutes for feeling, is more acute.” Glück calls Collins’ volume “savage, desolate, brutally ironic…a book of astonishing originality and intensity, unprecedented, unrepeatable.”

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