Annal: 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Poetry Collection

Results of the Bram Stoker Award in the year 2009.

Book:Chimeric Machines

Chimeric Machines

Lucy A. Snyder

This collection from rising author Lucy A. Snyder offers three dozen poems to delight readers who enjoy sly wordplay and subtle allusion, high intelligence and fierce heart.

"Snyder’s work is complex yet grounded. You can read it on several levels and it’ll work on each and every one. It’s lyrical but rooted in authenticity and validity. There’s truth here, and tackling the truth is the highest calling of any poet.

“She’s been through the trenches; she knows the way the world comes down. You can feel it in the work. You’re not just looking at words in a book, you’re regarding a life that’s been opened up and splashed down on the page. This lady is not only courageous, she’s fearless. We need more like her to give us that grand plucking of the guts.” —Tom Piccirilli …[more]

Book:Barfodder: Poetry Written in Dark Bars

Barfodder: Poetry Written in Dark Bars and Questionable Cafes

Rain Graves

Worlds created; nightmares given. The universe is a tiny grain of sand, and by turns, it opens up into a revolving world of horrific little poems in Barfodder by Rain Graves.

Each poem tells a distinct story from serial killers, to love and loss, to the raising of Cthulhu in a haiku.

Each poem in this collection was inspired by and written in a dark bar or questionable café throughout her travels…called forth by ominous candles, succulent liquors, and velvet curtains to delight the reader with a sensory of dark, demonic, luxurious imagery.

It slides off the tongue like river slime…or a very good port (depending on if you swallow).

Book:Double Visions

Double Visions

Bruce Boston

In Double Visions, SFPA Grandmaster Poet Bruce Boston collaborates with ten other poets, including fellow Grandmaster Robert Frazier, Bram Stoker Award winner Marge Simon and Asimov’s Readers’ Award winner G.O. Clark. Includes seven Rhysling nominees, the winner of the Odyssey Poetry Award, and the winner of the Locus Online Poetry Poll for best All-Time SF, Fantasy, or Horror poem.

Double Visions explores and articulates the alien countryside that lies just behind the facade of ordinary existence and examines the elusive, fleeting shadows where fundamental truths reside. I came away from this collection with an enhanced appreciation for the richness, strangeness, horror, delight, and utter beauty of our kind’s brief sojourn in the cosmos.”—from the introduction by J.L. Comeau

Book:North Left of Earth

North Left of Earth

Bruce Boston

From mutations of our own world, to life on other planets, to journeys through the depths of space, travel with SFPA Grandmaster Poet Bruce Boston as he explores realms North Left of Earth.

“These are the poems of an older, wiser poet who has visited the future and come back to tell all. With insight and dark humor he shares his fantastical encounters with aliens and humans alike, providing in the end a scrapbook full of truly amazing memories. Boston is at the top of his game in North Left Of Earth.” —G. O. Clark, author of Strange Vegetables

North Left of Earth proves once again that Bruce Boston is our great living master of speculative poetry. Poems like his ‘…People’ series and ‘Future Texts’ show with what perfect pitch he manages to blend the sometimes very different melodies of science fiction and poetry. Phenomenal work—and very enjoyable reads, too.” —Howard V. Hendrix, author of Spears of God

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