Annal: 2010 Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for Best Thriller

Results of the Dagger Award in the year 2010.

Book:A Loyal Spy

A Loyal Spy

Simon Conway

The last time Jonah saw Nor ed-Din, he was lying face down in a pool of icy water in the Khyber Pass. For many years, Jonah had been under the impression that he’d killed him there. Jonah: an undercover operative for one of Britain’s most secret agencies Nor: the agent he befriended, recruited, then left for dead Miranda: the woman he thought he loved enough to give up everything for How far can loyalty be stretched before it reaches a limit? Millions of lives depend on the answer, as a twisting road of betrayal and revenge leads from the mountains of Afghanistan to the heart of London…and a ticking bomb.

Book:The Dying Light (Henry Porter)

The Dying Light

Henry Porter

One of the most important books of 2009. Henry Porter’s new novel paints a chilling portrait of the police-state that the UK is about to become…

At his funeral the bells of the church were rung open rather than half-muffled, as is usual for the dead. Kate Lockhart has come with corporate leaders, ministers and intelligence chiefs to a beautiful town in the Welsh Marches to mourn her soul mate, David Eyam, the brightest government servant of his generation. All that remains of Eyam are the burnt fragments of a man killed far from home in a devastating explosion. But Eyam has left a devastating legacy and certain members of the congregation on that bitterly cold March day are desperate to suppress it. A group of locals come to feel the full weight of the state’s determination. Kate Lockhart, now a Mergers and Acquisitions lawyer from Manhattan but a former SIS officer in Indonesia is equal to Eyam’s legacy . She becomes the focus of the state’s paranoiac power and leads the local resistance to it, with all the cunning of her former trade, directed from beyond the grave by Eyam. The state is no match for the genius of the dead.

Book:The Gentlemen's Hour

The Gentlemen's Hour

Don Winslow

Boone Daniels, a laid-back private investigator, gathers with his surfing buddies on Pacific beach. There’s no surf, but the Dawn Patrol are out in force regardless…it’s what they do. Having no work to do, and no real reason to go to the office, Boone stays for the second shift on the daily surfing clock—the Gentleman’s Hour.

Book:Innocent (Scott Turow)

Innocent: A Novel

Scott Turow

Twenty years ago, Tommy Molto charged his colleague Rusty Sabich with the murder of a former lover; when a shocking turn of events transformed Prosecutor Rusty from the accuser into the accused. Rusty was cleared, but the seismic trial left both men reeling.

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