Annal: 2013 Golden Kite Picture Book Text Award

Results of the Golden Kite Award in the year 2013.

Book:Me and Momma and Big John

Me and Momma and Big John

Mara Rockliff, William Low

Momma is a stonecutter at the cathedral called Big John—and little John and his sisters can’t wait to see her special stone—in this luminous true-life story.

“Building a cathedral isn’t a job, it’s an art.”

Momma comes home from work, tired and sore from a long day at her job. She used to work on the factory line, but now an early bus takes her across the bridge into New York City. Momma is a stonecutter now, helping to build the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. She works all day on just one stone, and little John and his two sisters wonder how she does it. Finally, Momma’s stone is finished, and little John can’t wait to see it. But when he arrives at the cathedral, he’s confused. Where is Momma’s name? How will all the people know this is Momma’s art? This touching story from a child’s perspective, based on real events, lovingly shows the grace and dignity of having pride in one’s work—and in one’s Momma. Gorgeously illustrated with the illuminated artwork of William Low, the transcendent beauty of Saint John’s Cathedral radiates with warmth and light.

Book:A Leaf Can Be

A Leaf Can Be

Laura Purdie Salas, Violeta Dabija

Find out about the many roles leaves play in this poetic exploration of leaves throughout the year.

A leaf can be a…
Shade spiller
Mouth filler
Tree topper
Rain stopper
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