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Alan Jackson

He sings straight, writes songs without a half dozen Music Row hacks pitching in their two cents, and keeps the music basic. On Drive, Jackson mixes wistful visions with satire, sorrow, and eloquence, using old cars—”Drive (For Daddy Gene)”—to explore growing up and, on “Work in Progress,” spoofing a woman obsessed with “improving” her man. As usual, he explores love’s joy (“When Love Comes Around”) and anguish (“The Sounds”). His flair for thoughtful, evocative expression reaches its zenith with his classic September 11 commentary “Where Were You (When…

Album:Under the Influence

Under the Influence

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson, the 1990s’ preeminent tradition-based singer, kicked up a fuss at the 1999 CMA Awards over the Country Music Association’s cavalier treatment of George Jones. That same deep, abiding reverence for the past clearly inspired this collection of oldies, all of them Jackson’s personal favorites. Many choices aren’t surprising, such as the 1967 Jim Ed Brown barroom anthem “Pop a Top,” Merle Haggard’s “My Own Kind of Hat” and “The Way I Am,” Don Williams’s “It Must Be Love,” the 1963 George Jones hit “Revenooer Man,” Hank Williams Jr.’s “The Blues Man,”…

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