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Album:The Diary of Alicia Keys

The Diary of Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has more than lived up to the promise of her formidable debut Songs in A Minor, pushing beyond her flirtation with old-school soul and venturing into the modern world, even hiring Timbaland to guide her through the shoals of anthemic hip-hop on the breathless and funkified “Heartburn.” Sounding like a hyperthyroid cheerleader, Keys unleashes a quirky sense of humor that no one even suspected she possessed. Her effortless singing on the beat-driven “Karma” is a wonder of sonics on this uplifting piece of pop philosophy, giving countless anxious…

Album:Songs in A Minor

Songs in A Minor

Alicia Keys

She may be beautiful, but Alicia Keys is a musician first and foremost. She plants herself firmly behind the piano keys on her debut, unlike many of the booty-waggin’ junior divas who are crowding the R&B videoscape these days. Though many of the tracks on Songs in A Minor are embellished with adolescent angst, this 20-year-old’s substantial, gorgeously soul-drenched alto putties the cracks between notes with astonishing ease. “Fallin’,” the album’s first single, showcases Keys at her best. She wails plaintively and passionately over rolling blues chords,…



Alicia Keys

With MTV’s decision to revive its much-missed “Unplugged” series came a certain obligation: Whoever was going to kick the shows off needed to have the means to deliver serious heat, Grammy-vote garnering heat. The “powers that be” couldn’t have chosen better than Alicia Keys. Throughout this consistent set, marked by warmth, sincerity and a powerful lack of inhibition, Keys convinces that if she’s not the new Aretha Franklin, she’s a force of equal might and measure. All the favorites are here, the danceable “Karma” carries into the funky “Heartburn” and the…

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