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Album:Mulholland Drive: Original Motion Picture Score

Mulholland Drive: Original Motion Picture Score

Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch

Director David Lynch’s affection for kitschy lounge music and emotionally overwrought mid-century pop has long since proven to be more than trend or irony; indeed, it’s often the uneasy spiritual axis of his films. The soundtrack of Mulholland Dr. turns on the usual Lynchian motifs (the brooding atmosphere of Angelo Badalamenti’s ominous synth-and-orchestra cues tossed with a dash of Lynch’s own off-center compositions), yet manages to evoke a sense of foreboding that’s distinctly its own. Badalamenti leads off with a curve, the nervous orchestra…

Album:The Straight Story: Music from the Motion Picture

The Straight Story: Music from the Motion Picture

Angelo Badalamenti

We’ve come to expect a few things from composer Angelo Badalamenti’s numerous collaborations with David Lynch. His scores for Twin Peaks, Wild at Heart, and Blue Velvet all took a smoky jazz-noir aesthetic into the orchestra pit. The results were memorable—and sometimes haunting—just like the films. For The Straight Story—the G-rated (yes, that’s right) tale of an elderly man’s epic journey on a John Deere lawnmower to see his sick brother—we get a different side to both the composer and the director once again. Here the…

Album:A Very Long Engagement: Original Soundtrack

A Very Long Engagement: Original Soundtrack

Angelo Badalamenti

Employing the stunning, kinetic visual sense that made his reputation via Delicatessen, City of Lost Children and Amelie, French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet turned Sebastien Japrisot’s compelling World War I novel into the biggest budgeted film ever produced in his home country. To musically season his often downbeat epic, Jeunet again utilizes Lost Children’s composer, Angelo Badalamenti, and the American rises to the occasion with a brooding score that evokes dignified melancholy at every turn. While its shadowy introspection and…

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