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After a breakup, childbirth, and a reality show, the one-time teen star finds herself growing up a little more on Afrodisiac. While this isn’t a concept album—the songs aren’t ordered as such—it’s filled with the frustrations and pleasures of Brandy’s past few years. At the same time, her vocals are richer than ever, reaching a Blige-like level of expression on “I Tried” and “Who is She 2 U.” Timbaland’s production on nine cuts anchors the disc; he even makes the title track’s sampled baby, a link to his classic work on Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody,”…

Album:Full Moon

Full Moon


On her first CD in three years, the newly married and pregnant Brandy sounds confident and assured and lets us know that she has found her man (even if it takes a numbing 17 tracks). The stately ballad “He Is” shimmers with unabashed, but never treacly, adoration, as Brandy huskily sighs, “Prince Charming, my angel, my king, my friend.” It’s the sound of a woman in love, and that sentiment guides this satisfying CD’s strongest cuts, from Mike City’s tangy title track to the snaky seduction of “Apart,” which burnishes Brandy’s vocals with a metallic glow. Most of…

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