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Album:Gladiator: Music from the Motion Picture

Gladiator: Music from the Motion Picture

Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard

Most modern Hollywood films have musical “temp tracks” laid in as they’re edited, usually classical standards or music from other soundtracks that helps shape the dramatic and emotional intentions of works in progress. Sometimes these temp tracks become the score (as in “2001”), but more often they serve as a template for the film’s eventual scorer. That said, we’ll boldly climb out on a limb and opine that director Ridley Scott was listening to a whole lot of Holst’s The Planets as he was cobbling together his modern gladiator epic. Credit Hans Zimmer for…

Album:Inception: Music from the Motion Picture

Inception: Music from the Motion Picture

Hans Zimmer

Original soundtrack to the 2010 film composed by Hans Zimmer.

Album:The Dark Knight: Soundtrack

The Dark Knight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard

Soundtrack album for the 2008 Batman movie, The Dark Knight, an American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Batman.

Album:Frost/Nixon: Original Soundtrack

Frost/Nixon: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer

Album:Sherlock Holmes: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Sherlock Holmes: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer

Album:The Da Vinci Code: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Da Vinci Code: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer

The soundtrack for one of this season’s most anticipated films, Columbia Pictures and Imagine Entertainment’s The Da Vinci Code, features original music composed by Oscar®-winner Hans Zimmer (Rain Man, The Lion King, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator).

Zimmer recorded the soundtrack at Air Studios which Da Vinci Code fans will be delighted to know is situated on “Rosslyn” Hill in London, and also at Abbey Road Studios. Director, Ron Howard commented that the music recorded at the sessions was “powerful, fresh and wonderfully effective… Like every other facet of this movie, the score for The Da Vinci Code demanded a range of textures that recognized and reinforced the layers of ideas and emotion, which unfold as the basic story does.” Zimmer once again captures the essence of suspense and tension that builds throughout the film. “The inspired Hans Zimmer…[more]

Album:Spanglish: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Spanglish: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer

Writer/director James L. Brooks’ warm-hearted comedy revolves around the culture clashes spawned when an L.A. family (headed by Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni) take in a Mexican maid (Paz Vega) and her daughter. As he’s done for previous collaborations with Brooks on As Good As It Gets and I’ll Do Anything, composer Hans Zimmer conjures up a smartly effervescent musical score that stands in stark contrast to the McAction film bombast that has too often made his reputation. His light-hearted, sometimes bittersweet orchestral score tips its cross-cultural…

Album:The Last Samurai: Original Motion Picture Score

The Last Samurai: Original Motion Picture Score

Hans Zimmer

Whether Tom Cruise’s portrayal of a 19th century American soldier cum samurai warrior will be remembered with the same pangs of pop-cultural bemusement that befell John Wayne playing Genghis Khan remains to be seen. But its musical soundtrack does mark an auspicious occasion: pop musician-turned-composer Hans Zimmer’s 100th score since beginning his film career in 1988. A pioneer of fusing both the electronic and orchestral and the Westernized with the indigenous, Zimmer does both here with skill, drawing heavily on samples of the traditional Taiko (a…

Album:Pearl Harbor: Original Soundtrack

Pearl Harbor: Original Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer

According to a Hollywood tradition that stretches all the way back to From Here to Eternity, there’s never been anything quite so romantic as the idyllic days and hours before torpedo and dive bombers from the Japanese Imperial Navy blew the bejesus out of the unsuspecting U.S. fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor. Far be it for producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay to, er, rock the boat. Just as Bruckheimer and Bay did with Armageddon (where romance blossomed in the idyllic days and hours before a Texas-sized asteroid threatened to blow the…

Album:Batman Begins: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Batman Begins: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard

It’s rare to see two marquee-name composers credited for a score, but perhaps two people were needed to come up with something that would stand up to the memory of Danny Elfman’s work on the 1989 Batman. Just as director Christopher Nolan’s back-in-black approach is quite different from Tim Burton’s phantasmagorical one, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard’s take doesn’t bear much kinship to Elfman’s. (You’d be hard-pressed to find any recognizable theme here, for instance.) Mostly the composers remain conservatively subtle, though coming up with the…
Album:Black Hawk Down: Original Soundtrack

Black Hawk Down: Original Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer

After the success of Gladiator, it wasn’t unusual to see director Ridley Scott turn to Hans Zimmer again for the score to Black Hawk Down, his fierce adaptation of Mark Bowden’s account of the tragic 1993 American military intervention in Somalia. What was more surprising was the schedule Scott imposed on the German-born composer: 15 days to write, arrange, and record the film’s nearly two hours of music. The results of Zimmer’s miraculous two-week musical campaign not only belie those constraints; they instantly take their place alongside…

Album:Hannibal: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hannibal: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer

Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer has created a blood-pumping dramatic score for Hannibal that pulses with Wagnerian intensity. Sir Anthony Hopkins’s monologue on three tracks adds a dimension of hair-raising eeriness to the already deeply affecting and suspenseful instrumental backing. (Just hearing him first enunciate on the opener “Dear Clarice” sets up the Pavlovian sense of dread.) Hopkins’s Hannibal Lecter is still on the prowl 7 years after FBI agent Clarice Starling first interviewed the criminally insane doctor (and 10 years since…

Album:Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron: Music from the Motion Picture

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron: Music from the Motion Picture

Bryan Adams, Hans Zimmer

After a two-year gap, Bryan Adams chose the animated movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron to make his triumphant return. The soundtrack is by no means a solo effort, but he has cowritten and sings on eight brand-new songs. Two of them are deemed so good they appear twice. The first of these, “Here I Am”, is an uplifting tune that plays as the film’s end credits. The other is the film’s finale, “I Will Always Return”, which seems like a statement on the artists’ career. Of the others, the most interesting is the duet with Sarah McLachlan on “Don’t Let…

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