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Album:The Passion of the Christ: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Passion of the Christ: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

John Debney

Mel Gibson staked $30 million and his superstar reputation on this painstakingly bloody interpretation of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, all the while dodging charges of anti-semitism and fostering excruciating cinematic gore at the expense of Christ’s message (a notion that also begs some uncomfortable questions about this version’s S&M undertones). But because the film’s dialog plays out in ancient authentic language dialects, John Debney’s musical score takes on an even more central dramatic role. In some ways an unlikely choice as composer…

Album:The Emperor's New Groove: Original Soundtrack

The Emperor's New Groove: Original Soundtrack

Sting, David Hartley, John Debney

Disney’s score-heavy soundtrack to the animated “Emperor’s New Groove” blends a scoop of splashy and sentimental contemporary tunes with a shovelful of evocative, masterfully crafted compositions. Big-name artists such as Shawn Colvin, Eartha Kitt, and Tom Jones each signed on to sing one of five Sting-penned songs, and Sting himself lends vocals to two tracks (one a duet with Colvin), so the stars are flying high. But fans of these folks may feel they’re forever flipping through the wordless orchestral numbers in search of the record’s radio-friendly fare. But…

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