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Album:Gladiator: Music from the Motion Picture

Gladiator: Music from the Motion Picture

Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard

Most modern Hollywood films have musical “temp tracks” laid in as they’re edited, usually classical standards or music from other soundtracks that helps shape the dramatic and emotional intentions of works in progress. Sometimes these temp tracks become the score (as in “2001”), but more often they serve as a template for the film’s eventual scorer. That said, we’ll boldly climb out on a limb and opine that director Ridley Scott was listening to a whole lot of Holst’s The Planets as he was cobbling together his modern gladiator epic. Credit Hans Zimmer for…

Album:Ali: Original Soundtrack

Ali: Original Soundtrack

Lisa Gerrard, Pieter Bourke

Most soundtracks for movie blockbusters are a mixed bag, and this one is no exception. The Ali soundtrack is heavily weighted toward R&B, and on that front the album is a success, despite R. Kelly’s two horrendously saccharine power ballads. There’s no denying the greatness of classic tracks like Aretha Franklin’s supremely melancholy “Ain’t No Way” and Al Green’s live rendition of “A Change Is Gonna Come,” and David Elliot continues the old-school theme, with a warm and bluesy remake of “Bring It On Home to Me.” Alicia Keyes’s “Fight” channels the ‘70s…

Album:The Insider: Music from the Motion Picture

The Insider: Music from the Motion Picture

Lisa Gerrard, Pieter Bourke

Directors making strong characteristic decisions about the music in their films are, aside from being few in number, generally people who depend on a particular composer—directors like Steven Spielberg (John Williams), Steven Soderbergh (Cliff Martinez), and John Carpenter (himself). Michael Mann is that rare director for whom musical literacy has less to do with professional partnership than with a hunger for aesthetic exploration. From his days with Miami Vice, in which he spearheaded the integration of pop songs with a scene’s motion, Mann has been…

Album:Whale Rider: Original Soundtrack

Whale Rider: Original Soundtrack

Lisa Gerrard

Lisa Gerrard, the former voice of Dead Can Dance, returns with a soundtrack following on her acclaimed scores to Gladiator (with Hans Zimmer) and The Insider (with Pieter Bourke). Those hoping for another glimpse into ecstasy through Gerrard’s magnificent voice will be disappointed. This score to the New Zealand-set film relies more on texture and mood, with Gerrard’s voice planted in a slowly undulating drift of synthesizers and sustained guitar lines. It’s not until “Biking Home” that you might even recognize Gerrard’s voice in this quietly joyful…

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