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Album:Love & Life

Love & Life

Mary J. Blige

A return to roots of sorts, Love & Life finally reunites Mary J Blige with the producer who made her the bona fide R&B star she is today, Sean “Puffy/P Diddy” Combs. Arguably, Combs needs the reunion more than she does—since masterminding Blige’s first two albums, What’s the 411 and My Life, his production kudos has suffered at the hands of his rapping and image, while she’s gone from strength to strength. Keen to make her sixth album an event, Puffy pulls out all the stops, dusting off his taste and imagination, and thumbing his Rolodex for…

Album:No More Drama

No More Drama

Mary J. Blige

Anyone who’s purchased one of Mary J. Blige’s albums understands that the “queen of hip-hop soul” would much rather push artistic envelopes than lick ‘em. With No More Drama, her enlisting of hip-hop’s finest beat-makers to create lush musical soundscapes is nothing short of genius. On the Dr. Dre-produced “Family Affair,” Blige implores the club set to “get crunk ‘cause Mary’s back” as she introduces some new slang to the hip-hop vernacular (“holleration”). “Steal Away” is a classic Neptunes-induced head-nodder in the “Love Is All We Need” vein, as…

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