Artist: Mason Williams

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Album:EP 2003

EP 2003: Music for the Epicurean Harkener

Mason Williams

Since the EP (extended play) recording format, an icon of the record industry I remember from yesteryear, is one that is still around today, I decided to do an EP for this CD release.

As a composer, I write in a variety of different styles and genres. Back in my earlier days with Warner Bros. Records, I was using my albums as a way to explore writing songs and music rather than going for commercial hits. I had instrumental pieces, songs, comedy songs, poems, etc. all mixed together. Sometimes certain kinds of material on the same album don’t fit that well together as a listening experience. An odd mix can end up being like, as the old saying goes, “apples & oranges.” This album is all oranges.

All of the musical compositions and songs I write are crafted works, as opposed to spontaneous expression forms. I continue…[more]

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