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Album:Monsters, Inc.: Original Soundtrack

Monsters, Inc.: Original Soundtrack

Randy Newman

Sandwiched between the opening and closing numbers of the Monsters, Inc. soundtrack is the sort of far-reaching score we’ve come to expect from Randy Newman. Up, down, and all around, we swerve through the standard Disney scramble: there’s a danger’s-near ditty, a tearjerker, a rally-the-troops energizer, a plucky peek-a-boo number, and, as befits the hit Disney/Pixar movie, a hefty chunk of liveliness. But to say this soundtrack is nothing special would be to shrug off a solid effort from a musical legend. How easy can it be, after all, to stir so many…

Album:Seabiscuit: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Seabiscuit: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Randy Newman

He was a horse too small with a half-blind jockey too big, owned and trained by a team of misfits straight out of Central Casting, but Seabiscuit was no mere legend. The film adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand’s best-selling chronicle has all the foundations of an American sports classic, and this marvelously nuanced score by veteran Randy Newman is one of its cornerstones. Ever personally leery of the public overenthusiasm for the “hero music” he composed for The Natural, Newman invests this Depression era sports drama with an altogether subtler range of…

Album:Toy Story 2: Original Soundtrack

Toy Story 2: Original Soundtrack

Randy Newman

For those who loved Randy Newman’s score to the first Toy Story (but maybe not the singer-songwriter’s gruff voice), check out Toy Story 2. Here, we get a handful of memorable vocal numbers: Sarah McLachlan sings the breathy “When She Loved Me,” Riders in the Sky give their retro-swing treatment to “Woody’s Roundup,” and Robert Goulet croons Toy Story’s anthem “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” The soundtrack’s orchestrations are pure Newman—sometimes sweeping, sometimes whimsical, and always fitting for this fantasy story of toys coming to life.…

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