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Album:Sideways: Original Score

Sideways: Original Score

Rolfe Kent

Writer-director Alexander Payne’s critically acclaimed, multi-Academy Award nominated mid-life-crisis/road trip comedy fuses the sensibilities of 50’s/60’s Italian farce with the edgier, character-driven ethos of 70’s American films. The director admits the film’s musical score was largely inspired by the former’s Neapolitan jazz sensibilities (and the work of Piero Umiliani in particular), as skillfully evoked by composer Rolfe Kent, Payne’s previous collaborator on About Schmidt and Election. Some instrumental choices and rhythmic quirks are…

Album:About Schmidt: The Score

About Schmidt: The Score

Alexander Payne, Rolfe Kent

Album:Nurse Betty: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Nurse Betty: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Rolfe Kent

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