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Album:Live Like You Were Dying

Live Like You Were Dying

Tim McGraw

On the back cover of his ninth album Tim McGraw sits atop a horse, which just happens to be standing in the foyer of an elegant home. McGraw sits backwards in the saddle, looking not at where he’s going, but where he’s been. The image tips off the theme of this solid, 16-song album—for a singer who doesn’t write, it’s as close to autobiography as it gets. “How Bad Do You Want It,” for example references not only bluesman Robert Johnson’s crossroads chat with ol’ Lucifer, but also the kind of relentless drive that got McGraw to the top of the Nashville heap. The…

Album:Set This Circus Down

Set This Circus Down

Tim McGraw

As a singer who has parlayed boyish charm and modest talent into a multiplatinum career, Tim McGraw seems like the guy next door who got incredibly lucky—and not just with his marriage to Faith Hill. This easy-listening collection features a generous 14 cuts, heavy on power ballads (“You Get Used to Somebody,” “Take Me Away from Here,” “Why We Said Goodbye”) with soaring choruses and frothy sentiments, but light on soulful substance. For variety, McGraw proves a dead-on Springsteen mimic with “Forget About You,” dubiously links himself to Hank Williams and Elvis…

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